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files hosts interesting tips for earning Hi, people! Here was quite hot weather last weeks, so it’s not impossible to work or to write posts in my blog. Today, I’d like to write about news from some paying files hosts, which I use for moneymaking on files. So, let’s start!
First hot newsmaker in my today review is Sharingmatrix. Why? It’s because of there quite stupid rebranding. Now, Sharingmatrix is called Filesonic. Nobody know why they started such rebranding. As for me, brand Sharingmatrix was very successfull and recognizable. Besides this, Sharingmatrix started rebranding process without previous tests of new platform. So, from the first day of rebranding posters and downloaders had difficulties in their work, using new interface and new domain Filesonic stats didn’t work from 4 August till 11 August. But, gradually, Filesonic programmers are fixing their bugs and I hope that in a couple of weeks Filesonic will start to work in normal mode without errors, bugs, and other misunderstandings.

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Despite these difficulties, the ex-Sharingmatrix administration compensated for all posters stagnation in the work during 04-11 of August.
By the way, did you like Sharingmatrix promo in July? I did. It allowed me to increase my sharingmatrix earnings by 40%. Hope, you’re too. So, after fixation all bugs Filesonic administration promises to announce a new great incredible promo! And one moment else, all your sharingmatrix links posted on the Internet stays good and work for downloads from filesonic. So, don’t worry about this. Simply, be patient and all will be ok soon with Filesonic.
The second newsmaker for today is Uploading. During the last months Uploading tried to return their lost positions on files hosts market. So, they made many improvements in their work last time.

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So, they made better conditions in their affiliate program. So, I’ll try to enumerate all these changes on better from Uploading:
– now Uploading pays for every completed download from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States;
Uploading pays 10% of premium sales in addition to payout for file downloads;
– Uploading pays for downloads of Uploading premium users from all countries;
– Uploading pays 5% and more from Uploading premium sales for site owners.
So, as you see, now Uploading has more attractive conditions for affiliates. By the way, give an interesting tip for beginners. If you are a files host newcomer and don’t know what content you can use for earning on files, so go on and see the TOP500 of the most downloadable files from Uploading. You can download these files and use for earning on the files host. It can be your first source of files, most demanded by users.
The third newsmaker in our today list is Depositfiles. So, Depositfiles added new tariff for posters (uploaders). This tariff was called America WEB 2.0.
What is interesting in America WEB 2.0? It would be interesting for that uploaders who have many downloads from USA users. In America WEB 2.0 you have the rate of $30 for 1000 unique downloads from USA users. But, of course, you need to comply with next Depositfiles rules:
– only unique downloads of files with size more than 50Mb are paid for;
– more than 100 unique downloads per day, no less than 15% of downloads should be from United States (in 30 days after registration);
– you will get a $10 bonus from Depositfiles on your account after registration;
– the minimum payable amount on this tariff is $50.
How to get America WEB 2.0? You should register a new free Depositfiles account and then contact Depositfiles Bonus Program Support. It’s simple.
Other interesting news from Depositfiles could be very interesting for Depositfiles beginners. Depositfiles presented action The Best Start! especially for Depositfiles newcomers.

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What’s in action?
Depositfiles action period: 09.08.10 – 09.09.10;
– after the registration on Depositfile you will get a bonus from $5 to $10(dependently on your tariff);
– reach during the only 1000 of paid downloads and get additional $10 from Deposifiles to your account;
– winners of this Deposifiles action will be announced no later than on 15.09.2010 on, but you can see current stats on the action page on depositfiles.
So, as for me, these Depositfiles’ news is great, especially for novices.
The fourth newsmaker is Letitbit with their Shareflare. So, if you already work or you’re going to earn with Shareflare, so it can be quite useful for you. So, Shareflare has developed and introduced 3 types of affiliate programm:
1) Pay per sale.
You earn 60% from each Shareflare premium sale. It’s quite similar to 60% Filesonic and 50% Oron pay-per-sale programm.
2) Normal or base programm.
It has the same conditions with ratio, which work from the startup of So, repeat it:
Your earnings depends on file size

File size	 			Earn, $
0Mb .. 0.99Mb	 		-	Up to $4
1Mb .. 4.99Mb	 		-	Up to $6
5Mb .. 9.99Mb	 		-	Up to $8
10Mb .. 49.99Mb			-	Up to $12
50Mb .. 99.99Mb			-	Up to $14
100Mb .. 249.99Mb		-	Up to $18
250Mb .. 1499.99Mb		-	Up to $24
1500Mb ...........		-	Up to $30

Depending on your status – profits will vary.

Paper		with this status earnings will be 0
Plumbum		with this status earnings will be default/10
Tin		with this status earnings will be default/5
Bronze		with this status earnings will be default/3
Silver		with this status earnings will be default/2
Gold		with this status earnings will be default/1.5
Platinum	with this status earnings will be default

Status is determined automatically by the system – daily.
3) Maximum programm.
Your Shareflare earnings depends on:
– File size;
– Country group.

Size / Country* A	B	C	D
0-10 MB	        $5.00	$2.00	$1.00	$0.30
10-50 MB	$7.00	$2.50	$1.15	$0.40
50-100 MB	$8.00	$3.00	$1.30	$0.50
100-250 MB	$12.00	$5.00	$2.00	$0.80
250-1500 MB	$24.00	$9.00	$4.00	$1.60
1500- MB	$33.00	$12.00	$6.00	$2.20

A                B                     C                D
United States    Ireland               Ecuador          All others
Germany          Cyprus                Myanmar
United Kingdom   United Arab Emirates  Netherlands
Switzerland      Belgium               Australia
Israel           Austria               Portugal
Lithuania        Sweden                Japan
Latvia           Azerbaijan            Hungary
Russia           South Africa	       Kyrgyzstan
                 Czech Republic	       Poland
                 New Zealand	       Kazakhstan
                 France	               Belarus
                 Canada	               Norway
                 Finland               Ukraine
                 Greece	               Turkey
                 Italy	               Malaysia
                 Estonia               Republic of Korea
                 Bulgaria              Armenia
                 Spain                 Romania
                 Denmark               Uzbekistan
                 Saudi Arabia	

So, in Shareflare Maximum you can earn up to $33 per 1000 downloads of your files. By the way, this Shareflare tariff is too similar to Filesonic pay-per-download. How do you think? It seems that Shareflare tries to use temporary weakness of Filesonic and to snatch something from Filesonic piece of market.

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Remember, that Shareflare tariff you should chose during your registration. If you wish to chose your Shareflare tariff, so you need to register new Shareflare account.
At the end of today digest I wish to tell you about one interesting tip for Hotfile novices. Some people have difficulties when try to activate Hotfile affiliate program after registration. It’s quite hard to find the necessary menu button for this. So, after registration on Hotfile you should verify your email, then login to your Hotfile account and go, using this link. On the Hotfile page, you need to input your payment data and activate your affiliate agreement.
Good luck in posting and moneymaking!

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