For sale: old Depositfiles account with rate $5/1000


Hi, people!
Not so long ago, I made an inventory of my accounts at paying file sharing services and discovered very interesting and still not used Depositfiles account. Of course, you ask me about what interesting in this Depositfiles account. Well, it was registered at the beginning of 2009. Some of you probably remember that in February 2009 file hosting Depositfiles made a fundamental changes in its tariff policy. Before this changes, there were basic payment rate for downloads on the level of $5 per thousand of downloads for all files with size from 1 Mb. So, the old Depositfiles rate didn’t depend on file size. From February 2009 Depositfiles payment rate varies from 2 to 10 dollars per 1000 downloads, depending on the size of downloaded file. For comparison, now to earn on Depositfiles at least $5 per 1000 downloads you should only upload on Deposit files with size not less than 10 MB or even bigger.

For sale: old Depositfiles account with rate $5/1000

Proposed Depositfiles account was registered before these changes and it saved old rate $5 per 1000 downloads for each file bigger than 1 Mb. This account is absolutely clean, no uploaded files, here even remained $5 account bonus from Depositfiles for making registration. If you will ask me why I registered it, so, frankly speaking, I planned to try some experiments. But I were so busy then, so didn’t do nothing with it. But now I found the registration data, verified that this Deposifiles account still alive and can be used.
To whom this account may be useful? I guess that it will be useful for those who have the bulk of content files with size up to 10 MB. But modern tariff of new Depositfiles accounts for paying downloading of such files does not reach to 5 dollars for 1000 downloads. With my account you easily earn $5 for 1000 downloads of such files.
So, if you are interested in buying this account, you can leave a request in the comments. Hurry! It’s only one!

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I’ve got some questions about this account. Please e-mail me (guessing since it’s your blog that you can see my e-mail) If you can’t please comment here. I’ll check back soon. Thanks .. Afterglow

wrote to your email. but I’m ready to answer you all your questions here.

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