I remember depositfiles from my first days in the Internet. It was the first who offer bonuses to their affiliates. The service was created in 2005. Till present times Depositfiles saves its popularity among internet users. Site owners all over the world still require every post link to the Depositfiles mirror.

Depositfiles is very conservative in its affiliate plans. From the start of their affiliate program, they offered only a pay-per-download plan. And now they continue to offer only a pay-per-download plan. They only changed the amount and types of affiliate PPD plans and nothing else.

The service has a multilingual interface in many languages. Depositfiles is free, their premiums are very cheap in comparison to other file hosts’ prices. Users can download files from Deposit files without registration and installing any soft. Maximum file size is 10 GB. After the last download, your file can be saved on their servers for 90 days.

To withdraw your money from Depositfiles you may use WebMoney or PayPal purses. The minimum amount for request withdrawal is $40. It takes about 4-7 days to get money in the purse.

For registration at Depositfiles, you need to click on the banner and input all information. After registration, you will get a welcome bonus of $5. How to work at this fileshost you may know from articles in this blog category.

Earning on file hostings in 2022


Earning on file hostings. Quick manual for beginners in moneymakingI guess that every Internet user has ever downloaded files from file hostings such as

Files hosts review: Old School, january 2021


In January, at one of the big affiliate forums I’ve found an interesting review of working files hosts: old school (1-year-old and older), newcomers (age – 2-4 months), middle-comers (5-10 months) and scam services (or similar). So, I’ve thought, that it could be interesting for my blog visitors.

Review of paying filehosts in May, 2019


A month ago I already made similar translated repost about filehosts. This review was made at the big trusted forum and I thought that it would be interesting for you, my readers.

March review of paying files hosts


In the past 2 months I received regular questions about file hosts, which you can choose for earning at the current time. All of us are looking for files hosts which are stably paying. Frankly speaking, I stand now, mostly, as a spectator of this situation, trying to earn money in other areas of online business,

Fileserve, filejungle, filesonic… Next to quit?


Well, main files hosts close their affiliate program, block USA IPs, delete files… Why? It seems, that their owner is scared by the MU case. But, is it really so serious? Yesterday, I’ve read some thinkings from the owner of a big file host, which is not going to stop working with affiliates. And, he thinks that owners of files host, which have already stopped affiliate programs, simply decided under the guise of a MU situation to deceive their partners and stole nonpaid money. Little later, they will open new file sharing services with other names and start to work again. Of course, it can be quite profitable for him. Because of:
– many people already have their premiums for quite long period (1 year and more). So, the file host premium level payment are quite lower when it was at start;
– top files hosts need to wait to see what will be with MU owners and what SOPA/PIPA (DMCA and others) will do with sharing services.

Depositfiles opened the World!


New tariff Depositfiles World

Depositfiles, perhaps, the first file sharing service, with whom I started earning and on which I earned my first money on files sharing. Earlier, 3 years ago, the conditions for the work, which were suggested by this files host, were fairly attractive and interesting for posters, don’t forget about $5 bonus for newbie posters. But the last couple of years, in my opinion, Depositfiles stopped in its development.

Why I can’t earn on files hosts?


Quite often I receive letters from people asking the question which was used today as a topic of my article. Why I can’t earn on files hosts? Why I can’t make money in Internet? Why I can’t earn enough online? These are different interpretations of the same issue. First of all, how much is enough for you?

Summer news from files hosts


files hosts interesting tips for earning Hi, people! Here was quite hot weather last weeks, so it’s not impossible to work or to write posts in my blog. Today, I’d like to write about news from some paying files hosts, which I use for moneymaking on files. So, let’s start!

Sorted XXX forum base for downloading


Hi, all!
Last time, I’ve received many requests from my readers and visitors of my blog about sharing with them my XXX forum base. I understand that many of you are only at the beginning of your way of online moneymaking and you need help. But at that time you should understand me.

About new tariff Turba from Letitbit


So, the administration of file hosting Letitbit already understood that there is something wrong in their kingdom. The first ring of the bell of new changes is the launch of a new tariff Turba. From the name Turba everybody sees that it sounds very similar to the name of file hosting Turbobit. Turbobit is one of the main competitors of Letitbit on the market.

For sale: old Depositfiles account with rate $5/1000


Hi, people!
Not so long ago, I made an inventory of my accounts at paying file sharing services and discovered very interesting and still not used Depositfiles account. Of course, you ask me about what interesting in this Depositfiles account. Well, it was registered at the beginning of 2009. Some of you probably remember that in February 2009 file hosting Depositfiles made a fundamental changes in its tariff policy.

How to increase earnings on file hostings more than $30 per 1000 downloads?


How to increase earnings on file hostings more than $30 per 1000 downloads? Important tips The majority of leading file hostings pay pay their affiliates money, based on the file hosting earnings from sales of premium accounts. Really such working scheme is fairer and allows file hostings to pay more money to those webmasters and posters who bring more revenue to file hosting services.

World cup action from Depositfiles “Win with the Champion!” + bonus


File hosting Depositfiles announced new super action for their affiliates. As you may be know, soccer world cup championship will start soon in South Africa.

Free site and forum base for posting urls on download!


Novices, and not only novices in file hosting earning very often need at the beginning of their work the base of sites and forums for posting urls on download your files. In principle, to pick the site and forum base for posting news is not very difficult. But it requires only time and patience. And, of course, do not forget that in our case time is money.

How to purchase premium gold account on Depositfiles?


Last time, when I looked at blog statistics, I saw there many people, which came to my blog from search engines, being interested in that how to purchase premium account or Gold accounts on such file hostings as Depositfiles, Filesonic (ex-Sharingmatrix), Hotfile, Oron.