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File hosting Depositfiles was slightly worse than other file hostings because of conditions of affiliate programs. Until February 27, 2009 Depositfiles paid only for downloads from Russia and the USA. It was not very good! Now Depositfiles included in the paid list of downloads Germany, Spain, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada!

Make money on Depositfiles

The minimum file size on Depositfiles must not be less than 1Mb to be paid. But without using Depositfiles as a mirror in your posts you can not work. Without a mirror (link) on in your news, many news sites will not publish your posts.
By the way, after registration on Depositfiles you will immediately receive $5 from Depositfiles as a bonus to your account, and minimum for payout just $10. So, half of your work for receiving the first payout would be already done.
Also, on Depositfiles, your file will never be deleted, if it would be downloaded at least once during the month. And now, a pleasant one! Since February 10, 2009 the paying system and rates on Depositfiles has been changed. From that moment, your earnings depend on the size of your file. For example, for downloads of files larger than 250 MB Depositfiles pays you 10 dollars per 1000 downloads. So, with the new rate system your earnings should increase substantially. But if you have already opened an account on Depositfiles until February 10, to obtain payment on the new system, you will need to open a new account on Depositfiles.
In addition to info written higher, this file hosting is the leader in all kinds of competitions with very cool prizes (notebooks, communicators, etc.), participation in which can significantly increase your income.
Twice a week, if you have a minimum for payout, you can make a request for payout. Average, it takes about 3-4 days to receive money on your purse. Depositfiles pays on purses in Paypal or Webmoney.
Also Deposifiles have a loyalty program. Besides receiving money for your files downloads, you receive loyalty points for every download from Deposifiles. After accumulation some sum of points you will receive the activation code for depositfiles gold account.
Well, I will share with you some secrets to maximize earnings on Depositfiles. I hope it can significantly help you. Try to use it:
– If you have a lot of downloads on Depositfiles from Latin American countries, you should register an account with Latin rates on file host. With this Latin tariff your downloads from 38 Latin countries will be paid by Depositfiles. To register an account with Latin tariff you should choose on the registration page of Depositfiles the Spanish language “ES”. Menu and interface, of course, during your Depositfiles registration will be in Spanish, but, I think, it is easy to understand, where is written the name and surname, purse number, password, and other data. Later, after the completion of registration on Depositfiles, you can choose your native language, but your Latin downloads already will be counted and paid by Latin rate on a regular base.
– Another business issue: for example, there is on file hosting Depositfiles such tariff as “Super Halileo”. When you go to this tariff, downloads of your files from users in the United States will be paid on a rate of $20 per 1000 downloads. To change your current tariff on Super Halileo you only have to satisfy some conditions of Depositfiles (you should have not less than 200 paid downloads in a day), and after that you need to write a letter about tariff changing to support of Depositfiles. But, don’t forget, Super Halileo have sense when you have big count USA downloads.
– One more issue: it makes sense to register several accounts Depositfiles. Many successful webmasters and posters use such a method for increasing Depositfiles earnings. For what they register on Depositfiles different accounts?
First of all, it depends on your downloaders audiences, mainly, and the upload their files to that account, where the rate for such an audience will be higher. For example, they upload files for the USA audience on account with Super Halileo, files for Latin audience on account with Latin tariff.
Secondly, if you have huge files, and you split them into some parts. And if one unique user starts to download such split file, you will be paid only for the download of the first part of your files. Other parts will be free downloaded by this unique user. Now attention, dear friends, to the question, if your file is splitted into four parts and each part you will upload in a separate Deposifiles account, then your file parts are downloaded from Depositfiles by the one unique user. How many downloads of your file parts from different accounts by one unique user will be paid by Deposifiles? Waiting for your answer… A minute goes… Thus, the correct answer, you will be paid by Depositfiles for downloads of each part of your file from one unique user. Only payment will be on different accounts. But your Depositfiles earnings will increase in four times more than if you will upload your file parts only on one account on Depositfiles.
Well, this is just a small number of those secrets, which may help you to maximize earnings on Deposifiles.
By the way, for people, who would like to purchase Depositfiles Gold accounts for 6 months and 1 year periods, I can offer the FREE COUPON for a 10% discount. Coupon code for 10% discount for Depositfiles Gold accounts is oedqt4r8koyzozg19ghqmqt64ee6dbr5. This coupon is FREE and very simple in usage: you enter it on the Depositfiles Gold account payment page and after the prices are recalculated you can buy Gold account with the discount. This coupon for a 10% discount will save you from $ 3.89 to $ 5.89 during purchasing the GOLD account on Deposit Files. Use this action coupon code, don’t waste the chance to save money buying DepositFiles GOLD account!
Depositfiles – deposit your files here and make money online! To register on Depositfiles you should click the link right on this page.

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