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In that category of my blog, you may find and read different reviews about fileshosts and not only fileshosts. Here I write about not-very-popular services or about affiliate services that do not have any links with files sharing business. For example, about forex. Yes, I think that we will not earn in file sharing forever. So, we should diversify our income sources and forex may be one of such ways.

In the future, I plan to write articles about site building, site promotion, arbitrage, and other interesting things. Be in touch with my blog!

Earning on file hostings in 2022


Earning on file hostings. Quick manual for beginners in moneymakingI guess that every Internet user has ever downloaded files from file hostings such as

Ryushare Owners under arrest!


There are many hundreds, probably thousands, of file-hosting sites online, each serving their own area of the market. One only has to watch a discussion on so-called warez forums to discover which ones are popular with pirates. Ryushare was one such site.

Middle age filehosts (5-10 months)


Today I’d like to post a small review of sharing services that were created in the first half of 2020. During these times they had some overcoming difficulties, but they still pay regularly.
1. Filemates – filehost from Greece. Despite all the difficulties (fight with adultking) it continues to work steadily, has a wide set of payment providers.

Asfile invites


Well, as you know, for registration and earning on Asfile you need an invite from the approved partner of this hosting. So, I have four such invites.

Files hosts review: Old School, january 2021


In January, at one of the big affiliate forums I’ve found an interesting review of working files hosts: old school (1-year-old and older), newcomers (age – 2-4 months), middle-comers (5-10 months) and scam services (or similar). So, I’ve thought, that it could be interesting for my blog visitors.

Shareflare – new project from Letitbit


Today I continue my filehost reviews. And now, here’s Shareflare review. First of all, I should mention that it’s project from letitbit owners.

LumFile – second files host from Vietnam


Today I continue my files hosts small reviews. Our today hero is LumFile, a very young service from Vietnam. As we see, vietnamians use the current situation and take their market share. Yesterday, I’ve made review of Ryushare, another fileshost from this small Asian country. And, now Lumfile. First of all, I recommend you to register at this file host. Even, if you’re not going to work with them now, you should register your account there. Why? They announced that affiliate registration will be closed from the 1st of November. So, you’ll have to register lumfile account for potential future earning.

lumfile registration link

Ryushare – filehost from Vietnam


Hi, my dear readers. Sorry for such a long absence. Last my post was dedicated to paying filehosts in September. But in such a review, I can only give 2-3 sentences about each service. From today I’m going to write and post small reviews in separate posts for each service.

Filehost September quick review


I’ve got September short review of paying filehosts. I hope, that it would interesting and helpful for your work.


registration at Uploaded.to

Pays 45% (sales) + 25% (rebills). PPD rates up to 30 euros per 1000 unique downloads. You should wait from 15 to 30 days for payout via payza or Webmoney. This filehost can be used as an additional mirror, because of the 180 days storage time limit. Uploaded.net is quite a big company. They have enough powerful servers to handle the big load, but its rate is too low (for rebills).

List of forums for posting


May be some of you, who are working with Content-Cooperation, don’t know where to post. Content-Cooperation prepared list of forums which allow posting of links from this file hosting. So, here is this list:
list of forums for posting download links
For this forums some free download conditions were simplified:
– all files over 100 Mb are splitted for to 2 parts (regardless of size);
– files less then 100 Mb are not splitted;
– download speed is unlimited;
– waiting time between downloading of each archive part is 45 min;
– waiting time between downloading of files is progressive, from 45 up to 180 min (45 min, 60 min, 90 min, …, 180 min).

Good luck in posting!

PPD reactivation at ul.to


Filehost Uploaded or Ul.to has reactivated their PPD programm for affiliates. Now, they offer quite interesting download rates up to 30 euros. Below they are all:

Review of paying filehosts in May, 2019


A month ago I already made similar translated repost about filehosts. This review was made at the big trusted forum and I thought that it would be interesting for you, my readers.

Something about Oron


Yesterday I’ve found interesting chat screenshot of Oron support. So, here it is:

March review of paying files hosts


In the past 2 months I received regular questions about file hosts, which you can choose for earning at the current time. All of us are looking for files hosts which are stably paying. Frankly speaking, I stand now, mostly, as a spectator of this situation, trying to earn money in other areas of online business,

Content-Cooperation registration


Well, today files host Content-Cooperation (aka Filemonster) opened free registration. A month ago they closed their affiliate program for new partners. Now, it’s open:

Content-Cooperation registration