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Conditions on file hosting Uploading are much better than on the Depositfiles, Uploading pays posters for downloads of their files from 36 countries and, moreover, the payment downloads from the U.S. and Europe are paid on rate $ 10 for 1000 downloads.

Earning with file host Uploading

The level of paying rates for downloads on Uploading depends on three factors:
1) number of purchases of premium accounts from users which download your files from Uploading,
2) the number of files which were downloaded from Uploading each week and, also how often every separate file was downloaded,
3) the size of downloading file.
According to the first two factors, file host Uploading calculates the member rank (status) each week. File hosting Uploading ranks vary from Light (the lowest level of payment rate), then Base, Power and the highest rank Ultra. In relation to the level of your status and the size of your file, Uploading set the payment rates per 1000 downloads:

Rank 1-10 Mb 10-50 Mb 50-100 Mb 100-250 Mb 250 Mb +
Light $1 $2 $3 $4 $5
Base $2 $4 $6 $8 $10
Power $3 $8 $9 $12 $15
Ultra $4 $10 $12 $16 $20

After completion registration on Uploading a new member receives an initial rank Base, for which the average rate will be about $ 6 per 1000 downloads. In general, each active member of Uploading can wait and hope that his rank will achieve to the level of Power or Ultra, if the poster has many downloads and purchases of Premiums. Status Light member can get only in the case of extremely low activity, and in very exceptional cases. Do you remember file hosts with such ranking system? Remember file host with hot name? Yes! Of course, it is Hotfile with his Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum. You are right, because such ranking system of payment rates in relation to your level of activity has appeared on most file hosts now.
The minimum file size to be paid by Uploading must be not less than 1 MB. In general, you can upload on Uploading files up to 1 GB without premium, but with a premium on Uploading this limit increases to 2 GB.
This file hosting has different competitions with a very cool prizes (motorcycles, communicators, etc. or you can get their money price of your prize), participation in which can significantly increase your income.
The minimum amount for withdrawal from Uploading is 30 dollars. Minimal withdrawal amount can be earned very quickly. For example, I earned my first minimum on Uploading during two weeks and then all went even faster. Uploading pays money on purses in payment systems Epassporte, AlertPay, WebMoney and Paypal. Average time for payout coming is about 3-4 days.
To register on Uploading you should click on the link right on this page.

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