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File hosting Oron is one of the newest file hostings. Oron offers unique terms and makes the richest toolkit available for you – from remote upload, FTP, comprehensive statistics, files duplicates to files status determination. On Oron you are free to choose how to earn: you can earn 50% for premium oron account sales and account extensions or be paid for downloads. Furthermore, you can combine these types of earning on Oron.

Easy earning on Oron. Make money on files host

How to earn on Oron?

– you can use your sites, blogs and other resources to promote Oron or simply bring in new users and get paid.
– refer other webmasters to join Oron and Oron.com will give you 10% of all sales and rebills they generate;
– you can share your files all over the net and earn money and points from every download;
– file hosting Oron counts downloads from all countries. Downloads are counted without limitations (multiple downloads Oron counts too);
– hosting Oron pays up to $10 per 1000 downloads;
– hosting Oron pays you 50% commission on all sales of oron premium account membership and rebills;
– On Oron you can get a flexible rate plans system: 50% of sales or pay per download. By default you enter into a 50% of all sales revshare program, but you can always switch to the pay per download program inside your Oron account admin area by going to Advanced Options.
The minimum payout on Oron is only $30. Oron pays every Monday if your earning on account balance reaches minimum payout sum. You can receive your money from Oron via Paypal, Webmoney, Epassporte and Wire Transfer at your choice.
File hosting Oron doesn’t have country-based restrictions for free downloads. So, Oron is very useful now, because it wasn’t banned anywhere.
Recommend you to try it. To register on Oron you should click on the banner below or on this link – File host Oron.

Register on Oron

P.S. I made the screenshot of my Oron earning stats for the second half of April. So, you can see here my earnings on Oron. By the way, I started to work with Oron only from the January, 2010. At present moment I have on Oron account about 380 files, which were posted in separate threads on 11 popular forums. That’s all.

How much you can earn on Oron? My April earning statistic

Comments (302)

Hello Mike!

What’s your opinion about Asfile?


I don’t work with them. Knew that previous admin was an idiot. Last year, as i’ve heard, situation is good there. Asfile is quite popular and pays in time.

So try to start new threads? Or make a new username too?

See, it’s one from many suggestions. Try to post under new username in new threads.

Hi Mike!

Since some days I started to post the stuffs with rapidgator (instead of k2s), and it started good, but today the same continued that started on k2s. Today they deleted 24 files, and the reason is “Copyright infringement”

And I don’t know why this happening…


Sometimes owners saved the posters names at famous forums and in future check all new threads from these posters for infringement. And even if you’ve changed filehost they’ll find your files and send abuses for them. So, may be it’s your variant?

Hi Mike!

I don’t know about that my account would under control… Too abusive owners? I don’t know… I post stuffs from the same owners than I posted early, so I don’t think..
I post my files in rar packs, and named them with random file names, so this may not be a trouble

See, may be that k2s has too many abuses from your “same owners” . So, because of this, they delete all. Did you try to upload something from other owners?

Hello Mike!

In latter time, on k2s almost all of my files deleted with short time after uploading, and
because of this slowly not worthy to post anything on the forums. Don’t you know why they do this, and how can I defend against it? Earlier only a couple of files were deleted, and just rarely….

Hi, Emsa!
May be, your account is under additional control because of some previous violations? Or your files are from too abusive owners? Try to pack it in rar or zip, may be it helps. Or create new account.

Hello Mike!

Are you registered on Actual Porn forum?
If yes, could you invite me? :)


no, not registered

Looks like sales come back. Yesterday I had one sale, and today two more.

I’m waiting for it Mike

F*ck.. I hate this sh*t!
I have to change file hoster near monthly! :(

I’ve found wide file hosts review at one of russian blogs. Going to translate and post it during 1-2 weeks. May be it’ll be useful.

Hi Mike!

Since 7 days I have no sales on k2s, and I don’t know why. I’m posting invariably, the number of dl-s didn’t change, but there is no sales.. do you know something?

Hi, Emsa!
Last time, i saw such problem too. And I’ve heard that many people sart to complaint. May be they switch on their shave machine? Or may be they have problems with payment for users, so no sales. Don’t know.
As I know Oteupload.com, Upstore.net, Ryushare.com, Asfile.com are not bad now for posting.

Well, look like k2s also not the best…since 6 days I have no sales, and today the site is a piece of crap. I can’t upload files all day, and now I can’t reach the site. Did you experience it, Mike?

$39 earnings after two days of sharing.
Thank you for the good hint Mike! :)

Thank you Mike, I think I’ll try with keep2share.
(finally a file host that accepted on all forums! :) )

good luck, Emsa!

Which site do you recommend?

as i know, keep2share and asfile may be good change for rapidgator.

And what do you think, what should we do? Wait for the “return”, or use another file host?

i think it’s time to try something else for some weeks.

So you think we have premium sales, but rapidgator “hook” them?

it seems yes.
or they have technical problems, may be.

Hi mike!

On rapidgator since 1-2 weeks, number of my downloads and premium sales fall back drastically.
There was no big amount of files deleted or something like this, so I don’t know why. And you? Any idea?



I saw it at my rapidgator stats too. At some posters forum people wrote that it’s time to make a break (1-2 weeks) in uploading at rapidgator.
May be, rapidgator need some additional money and switched on their shaving machine?

Hello Mike!

If I want to issue a WM card on W€bm0ney, my passport need to be valid, or do they accept that it is expired?

if it’s expired, you may try, but i’m not sure if it’ll pass.

Hi Mike!

If I don’t have valid passport, I can’t issue a webmoney card?

as, I know without valid id, you can’t issue card.

i am working with Keep2Share now for 2 months. Site is good and fast. The Team is working hard to get the site better day by day. Now i want to make my first payment request and thinking about what option should i use? Is paypal safe anymore, dont want to get my account frozen maybe. Webmoney ? To complicated for me. What about wire? How does this work ? I come from germany, which information must i give to the guys from K2S ?
Thanks !!


I think that paypal may be safe, if they offer sauch variant.
To get money via wire transfer you should have next information:
Routing / SWIFT Code
Account Number / IBAN
Name on Account
Bank Name
Bank Address
Branch Name
Branch Number
Bank Contact Phone
Intermediary or Correspondent Bank Routing/ABA
Intermediary or Correspondent Bank Name
Intermediary Country

How can I withdraw from webmoney to my credit card? Just need to add the card to my account like on paypal?

read here

Could you suggest another exchanger site for me?

well, see in the google on phrase “webmoney to paypal echange”. i withdraw money fom webmoney via credit card, so i do not use exchange now.

Thank you Mike, I started an arbitrage. Hope they will reply.

Something else: When I try to exchange money on n-change.net, when I fill in the form and click to continue, the system shows “Сумма превышает допустимую / The sum rises out the acceptable”

All the same what kind of sum I write in..

Don’t you know why?

It seems that they do not have money on their paypal balance

Yes, the purse number is correct, it’s wmbroker’s purse. Where do I send the screenshot for wmbroker? Because when I try to send a mail to wmbroker @ jabber.to I get back instantly a mailer daemon error message.

you may try to write them from your webmoney account to their account. Or you may start arbitrage process on arbitrage.wmtransfer.com/asp/default.asp

Hello Mike!

On 5/25/2013 I’ve made an exchange on wmbroker..co.uk, and today they sent me this mail:

Dear a client!
This notification says it according to your claim 18603 the payment did not arrive.
The claim is ended!

Favours a service

And now my money is nowhere. It’s not in my WMZ purse, and it’s not on my paypal account.

What do you think, what can I do now?
I wrote to wmbroker and webmoney support, they didn’t answer yet

Thank you

Check in your webmoney account the number of receiver purse. Is it the wmbroker.co.uk purse number? If it’s yes, then make screenshot and send it to wmbroker.co.uk to approve your transfer. If wmbroker.co.uk will not do nothing then try to send complaint to webmoney arbitrage with this screenshot and your explaining of situation.

What’s your opinion about keep2share, Mike?

good. Some posters think that it’s the project of people from filesonic.
Now, they pay well and, the main, they checked all abuse manually, so your files can be stored during quite long time at their servers.

Hi Mike!

Today E xtreme board also added u l .to on black list. So this is the third large board (beside p0rnbb and ophilia) which banned this file hoster. Don’t you know the reason yet? Beside all these I recognized that premium sales decreased in this month. It’s time to change file hoster again? For example to rapidgtor?

Emsa, I don’t have any trusted news about this restrictions. If i’ll get something about this then i’ll post it on my blog. but earlier these boards did such things with file hosts which had too low download speed, hadn’t free download or had technical issues.

Hi Mike!

Don’t you know why ul. to banned from philia and p0rnbb?

Thank you

No, any suggestion.

Oh, it works now. Problem solved.
Thank you Mike :)

I don’t know which one would be good choice.
Can you recommend something?

I tried to exchange only 10 or 5 WMZ and the situation was constant

did you try another exchanger?

Hi Mike!

I try to exchange my wmz to paypal on n-change, but I see this message when I try to do the exchange: “Сумма превышает допустимую”

(It means “The sum bigger than the acceptable ” or something like that)

Could you tell me please, why I see this message?


I guess, that this exchange service does not have enough money at they paypal balance to make your exchange. Try to exchange lexx amount or use another exchanger.

Hi Mike!

Don’t you know why payout is so low at ul.to?

I requested a payment on 12.06 and it’s still in status “open”

as I remember they make payouts during 30 days after requesting

hm.. sad news.
By the way thank you for the informations Mike!

So, something new about it?

Yes, as I understood, now you should forget about payza. it seems, that they’re going the same way as paypal. Now, use webmoney or wire transfer.

Okay Mike, thank you

Hi Mike!

Does ul.to stopped to payout with alertpay?
They declined my last payment, and I can’t see the alertpay logo in payout options.

Didn’t hear about it. I’ll ask my people tomorrow to know something about it.

Yesterday I had two premium sales and today one more. What do you think? RG’s payment problems still not solved and these also made with wm?
I asked it because I started to use UL, but if RG solved their problem I stay with them..


Oh, I see. Thank you Mike

And where can I withdraw? I can’t find this function on their site..

payout line will appear after you’ll earn at least 50 euros.

Hm.. I’m not so happy
And how about UL.to? I see it right, that they pay us each for downloads and premium sales? How could I withdraw from them? Webmoney,Paypal?

I know about webmoney payout possibility, except this you may use paysafecard, AlertPay/Payza and Bank Wire-Transfer.
yeh, they pay for downloads, but only for some countries. besides this, they only count unique downloads, which were finished 100% completely without aborting. so, the main profit will be from sales.

why is my comments deleted?

Hi Mike!

Today I had a premium sale on rapidgator again. So, what is this means? Their problems solved again?

Thank you

No, their problem with credit card billing does not disappear. This premium sale could be made via webmoney or something similar.

Is something wrong with RG’s payment methods again? I haven’t got any premium sales since 4 days…

yes, they are still have problems with billing

Hello Mike!

Did you read this?

forumophilia. com/topic183348.html

And rg also banned on pbb!

I’m so angry now! I need to change hoster.. again!(?)

as i see, for philia you can use only asfile, lucky or uploaded. if you need asfile account, i have some invites for affiliates registration.

Hello Mike!

I just needed to add my paypal account to your WebM0ney passport. Today I exchanged my money with n-change, and got it to my paypal in few hours! So I’m happy now :)

And I also wrote to rapidgator support, they said:
“Dear customer, We are not accepting credit cards at this moment. You’ll be able to pay by credit card in a few days. Please accept our apologies for inconvenience.”

Glad to hear that your exchange was succesfull! About rapidgator a couple days ago I’ve heard that they heard temporary problems with their billing service.

And one more thing.. I see now that the money I tried to transfer to my paypal came back to my webm0ney. “Moneyback transaction ”
Why? I don’t understand it, and I hate this crap!! I just want to get my money!! And of course they take the transaction fee.. for NOTHING!

have you written to exchanger support? what they say?

Somebody wrote this to my thread: “Please do not use rapidgator hosting,
not have metod payment for download premium…
Use multihost, o change host.
Lies rapidgator, credit card few day for client user….
few day for rapidgator, intended 2 mounth”

Do you know what is he talking about?

Since some days the number of downloads decreased… so I think something isn’t good at rapidgator (?)

it seems that people can’t use rapidgator payment methods for buying their premium. as i undeerstand they asked you to add mirror download link or use another host.

Thank you Mike!

Finally I exchanged my money to my paypal with n-change, I hope it will works. When is my money transferred, you don’t know?

as i’ve heard it nay take about 2 days.
but you can ask it in exchanger support.

And how about exchanging? Which is the easiest way to exchange my wmz to paypal?

you should look different forums and services to find such propositions.
you may see here:
bestchange.com/wmz-to-paypal-usd.html (monitoring of online services for echanging)

I need a valid passport to withdraw my money?
Am I right about it?

for formal certificate they do not check datas, which you input in their verification form. for example, i have 2 webmoney purses. for one of them, i give them info that differs from my passport datas. all is ok

but, if you will order withdrawing money to your bank account, I think, that you will need valid passport to cash them. with card, i guess, that ATM will not demand your passport :))

I can only do this certification in webm0ney keeper? Because I can’t login to here.. I’ve registered, in enum too, but I can’t log in to that.. man this webm0ney is an overcomplicated bullsh*t!! I hate it! I just want to withdraw my money somehow, but I can’t do it because their system is a crap!

well, i’m using light webmoney keeper during last 4 years and all were ok.
try to login at verification page at passport.wmtransfer.com/asp/WMCertify.asp

Thank you for the answer Mike.
I found the webm0ney card menu earlier, but when I click to “issue card” WM redirect me to russian page ( here I can see this message, but I don’t know what does it mean: “Пользование сервисом невозможно

Для использования сервиса необходим аттестат не ниже формального.”
And if I try to change the language to english, WM redirect me to the home page..

they have the system of certificates. to receive withdraw possibility you should have sertificate not less then Formal. Formal certificate issued automatically and free of charge to participants, but you should fill out a questionnaire for Assessment Centre (including passport details and the address of registration). This information is no one checked so that a formal certificate is as anonymous as the certificate alias.
See, this instruction were translated from Russian:
“For receiving a formal certificate, you need in a running Webmoney Keeper go to the “My Webmoney» and select the “Certificate”. After this click on “Certification tools”. On the page that appears, locate and click on “Getting the certificate.” Next, you need to be authorized online, WebMoney Keeper should be started.
After login, the bottom of the page, click on “Get a formal certificate” and fill out all fields marked with an asterisk *. It is important only true data exactly as it appears in the passport – in Russian. If you want to hide data from other users, tick the fields that you want to hide. No member of the system will not be able to see the hidden data for as long as you do not make them available. Make sure the correct input. Click on “Save”, then the certificate alias will be changed to a formal certificate.”

Could you tell me please, how can I withdraw my money from WebM0ney?

hope, you can find info on wmtransfer.com/#withdrawfunds

See, you may link you card to webmoney purse or you may order card from webmoney and use it.
read in details here cards.wmtransfer.com/en

except this, you may use webmoney echanging services like this cash.exchanger.ru/sdp/pages/applist.aspx.

at forums, you may find variants for exchanging you WMZ to Moneybookers or Paypal. But, I think the webmoney cards will be the best way for money withdrawing.

So, you can’t help me, Mike?

with what?

Hi Mike

Now I’m in pps tariff, and it’s so good!

In two days I earned $40! I like rapidgator so much!

Oh yes,and one more question..

How can I request a payment? Or they pay automatically?

glad for you!
yes, all are automatically:
“We pay weekly, on Thursdays, in the last week (Mon-Sun) Partners can receive payments in WebMoney. “

Still I started posting my stuffs with rapidgator (6 days), I had 5 premium sales..
I am waiting for the $10 earnings very much, to change to PPS, and I hope I’ll earn so much money with rapidgator. I think I finally found the suitable file sharing site for me. Thank you for the hint Mike!

hope, it will work quite long

hm, not bad.. how much files do you have online? How often they delete your files?

(p.s.: I wrote to the support and attached a printscreen of my deposit earnings, but nothing happened..and I see that I had a premium sale so I want to change to PPS urgently)

about 200 files. about files deleting, usually I checked it once a week. the more removing was 20 files/week.
about approving your prof skills. try to write once more, may be it was bad day for support man. but sometimes they don’t want to switch on PPS before you earn $10 on PPD and nothing helps.

Do you use rapidgator? If yes, how much you earn with it?

about $150/week

Thank you, I’ll try it..
One more bad thing about rapidgator: It’s banned on fetishbb,ophilia.. and these forums are really popular

well, philia, if you remember, were banning all except Oron. Rapidgator is shaving a lot, but it’s one of the most popular at present time.

I’ll try it, thanks.

Don’t you know why I can’t upload files to rapidgator with zoom’s file uploader? The program upload the files, but I can’t see them in my account..

well, i don’t have problems, but i use standart ftp connection in my total commander. try other ways for uploading, may be at this moment they have some problems. by the way, for newcomers they set PPD tarif as main. To change this tarif on PPS you shoud earn at least $10 at downloads. Or you may send them your screenshot with earnings or payouts from another filehost as the proof of your poster skills. Usually, with such screenshots they change your tarif from PPD to PPS during 5-6 hours.

Could you offer an other file host instead of depositfiles? They always deleting my files, so I can’t earn more than 1-2$ per day, and it’s distressing..

did you try rapidgator? they became very popular last time.

So, how about Oron, Mike?
The site is down already two weeks..

Thank you for the answers, Mike

And what does this mean now?

Will we be paid?
Will the services of oron work again and we can share our files with oron again?

Our files will be deleted because of the moving, or not?

And what does this mean now?
i don’t know. all that I’ve heard, I’ve posted in previous comment.

Will we be paid?
I hope, but not sure

Will the services of oron work again and we can share our files with oron again?
I hope that all will be fine. But to solve their problems Oron owners may decide to change domain or something else.

Our files will be deleted because of the moving, or not?
if it’s standard hosting moving then your files will be ok

already two days oron’s page cannot be reached.. so this is the end of the site?

they are moving to new hosting. It’s their yesterday answer:
Oron Support 14:21
At this time we are in the process of moving Oron.com to another hosting provider. As soon as we finish this process we will post a notification on out site. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Somewhat in detail?

“LAS VEGAS, Nev.—The parties in Liberty Media v. FF Magnat, the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by gay content producer Corbin Fisher against Hong Kong-based file locker service Oron.com, have filed a joint stipulation with the court to extend the date for both the hearing on the preliminary injunction and briefing submission deadlines. The filing also says they are going to use the extra time to try to either narrow the issues or resolve the dispute altogether.

The filing reads, in part:

The parties have jointly stipulated to the following and submit it to the Court for approval:

a. The current Temporary Restraining Order shall be extended for thirty days up to and including August 9, 2012, which is consented to by Oron.

b. The hearing scheduled for July 10, 2012, and the accompanying deadlines for paper submissions prior to the hearing, shall be postponed for thirty (30) days.

The Parties mutually agree to these terms and postponements and believe that they will facilitate attempts to narrow the issues in this matter or to come to a mutually beneficial resolution to the dispute.

Responding to a request for comment, Liberty Media counsel Marc Randazza said the additional days could at least result in some issue narrowing, if not a settlement.

“There are a lot of complex issues in the case,” he said. “Sometimes, when the pressure of a deadline is moved off, the parties can at least narrow the issues. We are trying to do that among a lot of parties and attorneys.

“At this time,” he added, “settlement does not seem likely, but some issue narrowing might be possible.””

“Corbin Fisher, which filed a $34.8 million piracy suit against Oron less than two weeks ago, has issued a press release warning legitimate users of the file-locker site to back up their files.

Just last week, Oron’s operators told the court that the site could go out of business if it were unable to withdraw additional funds to pay host LeaseWeb.

Corbin Fisher counsel, meanwhile, said Saturday night that all user data on the site could be imperiled.

“Oron’s attorneys told the court that: ‘If Oron’s servers are shut down for non-payment of those monthly hosting fees … its users — 99.9 percent of whom have no connection to this litigation – will lose access to their data.’

“This leads us to believe that Oron neither maintains nor is instituting any backup of user data,” Corbin Fisher counsel said. “Therefore, if there are any legitimate users of Oron out there, Liberty Media Holdings (Corbin Fisher’s parent company) advises them to back up any important files for which they are the proper owner or licensee.” “

Why do you think that?

Why are you think that?
What will be happen on that day?

Oron case

It’s a good question..but I think in file sharing, we may not plan onto long time..

I think that situation will be more clear after August, 10.

And what about filedefend? Do you know anything about them? They pay up to 75% for Every Premium Account Sold. Not bad..

not bad, but how long it will continue?

And what is your opinion from crocko?

crocko closed affiliate program and froze all payouts in January, 2012

How about hotfile?

i’m not sure in them. you may try but be ready to be banned at any moment.

Yes, I agree.
Do you know any file hoster who seems correct, and pays for the sales? I try to find the alternative of oron but it’s not easy..

you may try some from netload, rapidgator, 1hostclick or ulto

Thank you Mike!

And what about Deposit?

the main negative is that deposit does not pay for sales

And what do you think from FilePost? Is it a good alternative for Oron?

I think I want to leave oron because I’m still making money with them, but I’m not sure that I get my unpaid money (more than $500) at any time..
I’m trying with Deposit now, but I’m not sure that this is the best choice for me.

Well, it’s difficult to predicate something about Oron or Filepost. They provide very strange policy with their affiliates. Every day may be your last day of working with them. For example, Filepost banned me, Oron works but :(. I don’t like such situation when you are not sure what will tomorrow.
So, I can say, that I don’t like Filepost. It’s full crap!

No, I did not use their system yet, I hoped that you know them already

I did not try it too

Hello Mike!

There is a new file hoster, named Xenubox. What is your opininon from this hoster? I think it’s a little similar to oron.

I haven’t tried this Xenubox before. Have you got a payout proof from them?

And what do you think, oron will goes down? Should we keep posting stuffs with oron, or stop it now?

it quite difficult to give right predication, but I think that you should have fallback for possible Oron down

Hello Mike!

Today I saw this on kitty forums:

“0r0n not safe anymore

Last week the identity of Or0n managers was uncovered and their assets frozen. We consider Or0n not to be safe anymore. It is unclear who operates the site at this time. For your own security, don’t use it. ”

What do you know about this?
Does this threaten our payments?

Thank you


yes, I’ve read about this situation. They were accused by some adult film studio (corbin fisher & co). This studio wants a compensation for damages about 38 mln USD. Court hearing was scheduled for July 10.

So, Mike I have very good news!

They paid me the money to alertpay!

iaro. 3dmax. hu/images/2012/04/18/oron.jpg

Now I requested a payment with alertpay..
We’ll see what will happen

LOL.. fu*in assholes.. Why they can do this with us??? Somebody is needed to stop them..
They can’t do this with us!!

I feel it now I am “lucky” because they owe me “only” $504 not $3000…

I think we want to delete our files, I don’t want to make even only a penny for these assholes!!!!!

you’re not alone in your sadness

Hi Mike!

Today my payment request (requested on 2012-02-20) changed from status approved to status rejected. Why? It does not seem that the paypal problem will be settled. And actually Oron owes me $504…

And what will be with my money?I never get it?

i think, we should wait 1-2 month and then we know about it

Sh*t.. it’s banned on ophilia and pornbb..
I don’t know what to change.. nobody pays as high as oron, and rest of the hosters banned on one or another forum.. But I can’t go on with oron, they owe me $337, and I don’t know when do they pay for me..
And the number of the downloads and premium sales decreased drastically…I am puzzled

oron has paypal problems and i don’t see any changes with this situation. as i’ve heard, paypal don’t want to receive payments for files hosts.

What about uploaded.to? They seems correct..

yes, but if you have european visitors, mainly.

… but? :D

but situation is changing from day to day. rapidgator had quick growth but they have technical problems and financial with paypal. ul.to (uploaded.to) have good tariffs for the european traffic. borncash have some technical problems.
now, i actively use at my sites letitbit (stable), depositfiles (not so good, but still paying), turbobit (stable), content-cooperation (good content supplying for my adult sites).

Hm…that’s not good..
I’m planning that get out from all of this sh*t, and start a new business with another filehost.. what do you think, which is the best filehost instead of oron?

now, it’s difficult to find something stable. there are some that have all possibilities to be the first, but…

Thank you Mike.
They still wasn’t sent me the money, it’s still in status approved..and they don’t reply to my mails..
And I noticed another interesting thing. I had an $9.95 sale, but I just got $2.9850 from it..and from $23.55 just $7.0658.. I’m in 55% of sales / 55% of rebills profit mode, so if I count it in any way, that’s not 55%. WHY THEY DO THESE THINGS WITH US IN LATTER TIME? Oron is increasingly badder and unfairer.. I start hating them

hah! you are not alone in your hateness

Hi Mike!

Don’t you know what happened with oron again?

I requested a payment on 02.20, and it’s still in status ‘approved’. I wrote an e-mail to oron support, but they aren’t responsed again..
And I can’t see the paypal logo on the premium buyer page, so they stopped to use paypal??
I’m not so happy with oron in latter time…

Thank you

yes, they have problems with paypal. so, oron froze all payout till solving this situation.

Yes. And the answer is: “Registered Users do not have permission to post in Hardcore Mega-threads / Unknown Actresses, Full Movies and DVD Rips (porn) and Kinky Videos. ”


So? No answer? :)

about fritchy? did you try to write pm to admin?

Thank you for the answer. I still can’t see my statistics, not good..
Other: Don’t you know, how can I post on fritchy to kinky videos section? If I want to create a new thread, I see this message: “you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. ”

Thank you

Hello dear Mike!

Hello dear Oron support!

Three days ago oron said that they perform an annual review of all professional account holders.
And now it’s the fourth day that we can’t see our downloads, sellings, etc..
Don’t you know something about when the stats will be available again?

Thank you very much

well, I’ve already seen messages that some people get their access to stats. by the way, at one place I’ve read that even you don’t have access to stats, but oron counts all sales. oron support wrote that you should not worry, only wait some time…

I have that allready :(

2 more forums plese – is not to much
come on plese !

fritchy, saff…

I need 5 more please ..
it’s hard for me to make 10 dollars.. plese tell me :| !

i’m sorry, but if you want earn more, than you should invest something

I need some help !
Can you tell me the best forums like forumophillia, porn bb ?

suzy, exbii, intporn and others… if you need full list, so I recomend you to buy it here

Thanks Mike

*after=under, sorry

What do you mean after remote upload? What is this exactly?

well, remote upload is a way for uploading files from another web site through using single link (url).

One more thing. Do you know a program which can upload to filesmonster? I use “file image uploader”, it knows a lot of hosters, but filesmonster not on the list:(

well, I use remote upload from my hosting. but they support remote from main files hosts.

Thank you mike. First I’ll try Wupload, and if it doesn’t prove competent, I try filesmonster… But I’m really really sad because leaving oron because of idiot Extreme-board admins.. they said me: “We do not want to see the EB turns to an Oron spammers board”
Yes.. And now their board looks like a ghost board.. The traffic on the site reduced with ~ 50%, from one of the days onto the other one.. posters aren’t posting, downloaders aren’t downloading..

Thanks Mike

And what do you think, which is the better? Wupload or Filesonic? How much do you earn with these sites? (If you use both of these)
And what do you think about Filesonic’s Elit program? (Up to 85% of sales)


Well, Wupload is quite young, so I guess that now they offer promo rates. what will be in the future is difficult to say.
At Filesonic now I chose “65% of premium”.

By the way, what about extreme-board, you can use as the mirror files host Filesmonster. With them you may earn 50% from premium. Filesmonster is allowed at extreme-board. From my experience people buy premium there quite often.

Hi Mike!

From 7 August one of the biggest porn board (Extreme-board, I think you know it) required that all oron.com publications must contain mirror.
And we know, that this is the worst thing for us, because nobody download from oron when I use another mirror beside it, and nobody buy premium..
And it appears immediately. On August 8 there was 690 downloads, and $32 earning from sales.
On August 9 there was 547 downloads, and $0 earning.. August 10 – 696 downloads, $0 sales.. And the most os the downloads was premium, ~ 60% of the overall.
So what do you advise for me? What would be the best step? Change to filesonic? I loved very much oron, I would not leave it with pleasure..

Thanks for your advice

Hi, Emsa!

I use Filesonic.

By the way, as I’ve heard, wupload offers very good rates for earning.

Hm.. it’s bad, because I just have money on my paypal acc:S

I understand, but Paypal doesn’t receive payments for my country.

Hm, it isn’t bad!
How can I send you the money for the invite (I prefer paypal), and how can you invite me?


I can receive money only through Moneybookers or Webmoney

Hm. Okay.
And what do you think, is it worth while? How often you have sales from this forum? I’m now posting my stuffs on 8 forums, and the bests on me is pornbb and extreme-board.

well, if you use Oron, of course, you should post on Philia. It gives me about 17% from my monthly Oron sales…

Hi Mike!

Can you invite me to ophila forum, please?


it costs $15.

you can only do a few experiences when participating in the forum ophila not write.

I sent you. Thank you: d

you’re not online. tell me some experience playing in ophila forum. I am sending you pure

I send you invite anr some advices. check your mail.

in the forum have been posted by ophila Filesonic not. Or only by oron. Sorry to bother you


I earn money to send to you. But I have to ask in Ophila Host: Filesonic not. filesonic I’m content. you reply soon. I sent Wmz soon as you receive your mail

check your mailbox!

Hi! ​​mike. please send me your WMZ account so I can send you for the purchase of Ophilla code. thank you much

see in your mailbox

I got your money I would like an invite to Ophilia. Please contact me via Email.

I’ve sent all details to your mailbox

Hello everyone,

Why are you waiting for forumophilia website, as there are lot of others websites available, you may find these in this website. Mike already posted them.

I want it too. please send me forumophilia code =) asusmata @ gmail.com

please send me forumophilia code =) saba.pa @ gmail.com

please can someone send me an invite or registering code for the site forumophilia .com so i can register?

Thank you

my email address is : statikler82 @ yahoo.com

my gmail wrote: kjrobaby @ gmail.com for you. thank you very much

thank. forumophilia do not understand what the field. and how it make money?
I just want to participate. if you sell me, I will introduce more people to participate in the Vietnam and visit your blog. thank

write to config07 @ gmail.com

Selling an account on forumophiliа.com

WebMoney account I have only 10$ I moved to you is not. I was a student in Vietnam. Hope your help

I see, but you can earn with it in first days this $15, which you need to pay…
so, I’m sorry, but $15…
if, somebody, who visits my blog, wish to sell you invite for $10, then I post their contacts.

please, invite me to www forumophilia .com. thank you very much. thank you

it costs $15

Dear Mike,

I need one help from you.

I need $6 money from webmoney account to renew my premium account with one account. As I have only Paypal account, I am unable to purchase the premium account. I will pay it through paypal to you $12 for $6, means $6 extra.

If any help greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry, but Paypal doesn’t allow payments for my country. So, if you have moneybookers account I can help you.


Plz suggest some good paid forum or blog which can support more traffic.. as I have huge data which will take 50000+ posts with screenshots uploaded in various file hosting..

Suggest some blog host /forum provider which can support this traffic. and my primary concern is getting the premium sale commision as the owner of blog/forum from ORON/FIleSOnic/FileServe.

Can you plz provide your forum/blog url so that it will be useful for webmasters like me who follow your useful suggesting regularly.

well, I’ll tell how I’ve found my hosting. when I’ve planned to do site, I’ve gone to google, I’ve chosen there the top20 sites which have similare keywords to my site. And via whois I’ve defined their hosting. Then I’ve checked this hostings, analyzed their prices and chosen one, best suitable for my site.

Hey Mike..

Nice to see u helping many webmasters like me..

Even I too have some concern about opening my own blogs.
could you please suggest some blog hosting or forum hosting sites..free or paid, where I can create and use my own blog/forum to add the ORON/FILESONIC site for 5% premium sale commission.

Siince, I belive normally free forum hosting will not allow us to enter any code ORON for validation.

So please suggest some forum hosting or blog hosting sites where I can create one to add it for premium sale comminsion.

Thank n regards.


see, here free-webhosts.com/free-web-hosting.php you can find different free hosts reviews. but if you will receive high traffic on your site then you should about paid hosting or even rent dedicated server. one additional important thing is from what region will be your main traffic. it’s recommended to take hosting from that region where you have the most traffic or where you plan to have such traffic. except quick ping it’s useful for your search engine promotion.

Dear Mike,

I reguraly watch your web site for updates and new thoghts on earning. As the name iteself, it’s very useful in earnings.

Yes, Mike, I read about “Emsa” and it’s very unfortuante that happened to him/her. Gradually Oron is loosing their uploaders and business as I am seeing banned users here and there and complaints. They are not clear about their terms and conditions and when they can ban. All they are saying is our security department will know about it. At least they should mention ‘ban’ rules clearly. We are human beings, mistakes bound to happen and no one is perfect. Oron should have been informed Emsa atleast once, before the account is deleted or banned.

By the way, I would like to earn on website, forums and/or blogs sales. I mean, my own blog, website or forums sales. Oron offers 5% of web referrals.

What I would like to know from you are;
1. Which one do you preffer(website, blog or forums)?
2. If create a blog, will oron/filesonic accept it and provide me 5% of premium sales amount?
3. If you prefer blog, what type of blog should I chose, like blogger, …. I do not know much about what websites offering free of paid blogs.

Note: I will post all adult vids more than 4000 + in forum or blog. So, they should not be removed in features. I am ready to pay even for blog, website or forum, if they ask.

Thank you.

Hi, Sanz!
Long post, interesting thoughts… What about oron: their position is next “if you don’t like something, so you can try to use other sharing services”. Last time I try to redirect my downloads to Filesonic. they work almost stabily like sharingmatrix in their best times.
about creating your own web-resource.
1) it’s better to create your site not using different free blog-service like blogspot and other. why? you have to be independent with your site. but if you dont’ have any experience with webmastering, it could be difficult for you. I created my warez and adult sites on DLE engine. It’s quite simple and easy in use. If you’re going to use WordPress, you should understand that WordPress is too difficult for high traffic.
And when you’ll start making your site you need to define who will post on your site: only you or other posters too. If you’ll plan to give access for posting to other users, then it’ll be simple to do it in forum mode.
2) filesonic pays 5% stabily. they accepted all my sites without any exception. but oron measured their webmaster program for only 1 site. by the way, I received 5% of premiums from Hotfile too.
3) I saw many adult blogs on blogspot.com. but if the blogspot admins will decide to remove your blog when it will already get some traffic? and you can’t do nothing with this.
when you created your site, then I recommend you to write materials on forums.digitalpoint.com. They have many info about site promotion in Google, Bing and other search engines.

please can someone send me an invite or registering code for the site forumophilia .com so i can register?

my email address is therizzeler @ yahoo.co.uk


Can you invite me to this forum,please?

any one pls.

forumophilia .com

My e-mail is: prn.hesap @ hotmail.com

Thank you!

I have some invites for forumophilia and may send it to you. But it’s not free.
You can get your forumophilia invite in three ways:
1) buy it for only $15
2) if you are already my referal on hotfile, depositfiles, uploading, letitbit, filesonic or fileserve and you’ve earned at least $50 on your account, so you can get forumophilia invite for free
3) if you’re not my referal and you don’t have $15, so I can give you next possibility to get this invite. You should post feedbacks about this blog earntry.com with dofollow link to it on at least 30 sites or forums with PR not less 1. This feedbacks must at least 3 sentences. After that you should write to me with list of these feedbacks, I’ll check it and, if all will be ok, I’ll give you invite absolutely FREE. It’s quite easy task as for me.

Hi Mike!

What do you think,which is the best “money maker” file host after oron?
I think I have to change from oron,but I don’t know which is the best..

Well, last time I see that Filesonic started to work more better. It gives more sales. And they promise new promo action in the nearest time. So, if to earn from sales then you may return to Filesonic. Well, to earn from sales you also can with Shareflare. But if to choose between Filesonic and Shareflare I would prefer Filesonic. If you wish to earn on downloads, so you should try to work with Fileserve. On big files I have the average rate about $20 per 1000.

Thank you,I tri the ICQ.
When the oron support will be online at ICQ?
And what do you think,do they send me the money,or forget it?:/

well, write your request through ICQ… their manager are in invisible status, usually…
about money withdrawal it’s difficult to say, because we don’t know the reason of your problem… for example, they decided that you upload files with CP, then they don’t send any money…

Hi Mike!

Today oron deleted almost all of my files!:S
And later (now) I can’t login to my account! I think they’ve banned me,but I don’t understand why,I don’t received any e-mails or something..
And there was $63 in my account,so I worry..
What do you think of this? What can I do?
I wrote to the support,and now I’m waiting for the answer..


as I wrote, it’s a standard situation on Oron. try to make copies of your files. but files are stabily deleted because of abuse. sometimes, your competitors from forums may abuse on your files. so, don’t give up posting, be patient.
but if you can’t login to your account, then you may also write via ICQ to Oron support 6969767. so, they may explain you what the problem is.

hey i need an invite to forumophilia .com.. can you get me one..?
my email is- agm_crazy @ yahoo.com

see previous message. I have account for sale. if you’re interested and price suits you, so let’s go…


Can you invite me to this forum,please?
forumophilia .com

My e-mail is: lockerzmail49 @ gmail.com

Thank you!

I can’t.
But I’ve an additional forumophilia account with 1 post(made for checking account). So, I could sell it for $30. If somebody is interested, so wellcome.

By the way, from 24/09 forumophilia has opened free registration. Hurry!

Hello Mike,
I would like to know how to do remote upload with oron. I am able to remote upload using mediafire links, however, hotfile and rapidshare not working.

Can you suggest me how to do that?

I don’t know. I use ftp upload on oron.


I am living in India. Which one would be better for me(PayPal, WebMoney, , ePassporte) to transfer the money from Oron?

Thank you.

I use Webmoney. But it’s because of Paypal don’t work with my country in full mode. What about India it’s difficult to say. I don’t how is the situation with Paypal in your country. From webmoney to withdraw my money costs me about 3%. Paypal I can’t use.

Mike,don’t you have msn,or something? I want to talk you from oroning,I’ve a lots of questions to you

no nothing like this.
you may write to email.

I wrote to oron support.
They said PJP Productions Sent to they an abuse report. And I asked that how can I protect my files,they answered that: “Well you can’t really. You are uploading a copyrighted material and you have to account for possible abuse report. Make copies. Try to look for kind of files no one sends reports on.”

Mike,how do you do this? I can’t understand it:D You earn really big cash with oron,but I don’t succeed for something.I accepted your councils though. I want to do the “oroning” like you,i like the easy cash income opportunity:D
I don’t understand what I do wrong

So, they’re right.
Abuse is a usual problem. All files host remove files because of abuse. On sharingmatrix and hotfile were the possibility to recover deleted files, but now they are working nonstable. so, now i think that you reupload files or change content and not use production of PJP. It’s pity, but it’s true.
By the way, sometimes abuses are written by peoples which post on forums same content like you. In such way, such people fight against the competitors.


No,I didn’t write to the support.
“May be there were abuses on your files?”
Hmm. I don’t know. What counts as an abuse?

Hello Mike!

I am very nervous!
After I’ve uploaded and posted lots of files,and the traffic started growing,oron has deleted ~ 50 of my new files!!! I can’t understand why they do that always!!!
Like this of course I can’t earn money.
How do you protect your files,or what do you do to don’t delete oron your files?I came out very well initially with oron l,and I was looking for much money, but lately increasingly more annoying what they do.

hi, Emsa!
Did you write to support with request on explaining of such mass file removing? May be there were abuses on your files?

Hello Mike,

I am in Pey Per Download option now. My account level is increased to 37 and I am receiving good amout now. However, I would like to know how many days, my account level would be at 37%.

Thank you.

Your level will increase because of your sales. You get payment for downloads and at that time some of people buy premium. So, if your level increased very well, so it means that you generate good sales for Oron. Sales is on of the main elements for level increasing. In FAQ on the Oron they say about this.

Thank you for the answer Mike.
And one more thing: Can you write me some fetish porn sites,for example the best 10 that you know?
I know that you’ve published a list of porn sites,but there are a loooots of links,and I don’t have patience to search the sites that good for me:D
I know fetishpornbb,planetsuzy,extreme board and xxxbbs.

Thank you:)

last adult forum base, which i posted on blog, are sorted by Alexa rank. so, from there you could easy chose all quality forums.

And later I’ve got another refferal (25$ yeah:D),and I’ve got it,so I don’t understand why I don’t obtain the first.

see, if thr first ref didn’t buy the premium, so you hadn’t nothing. as for my experience, not every referral buy premium.

Sorry,here it is again
http: //a.imagehost.org/0285/bvbv.jpg

Hello Mike!

Today I’ve one refferal,but I didn’t obtain the cash. And I don’t know why. (Yes,I’m in pay per sales option,and I’vent changed it long time ago)

iaro .3dmax .hu/images/2010/08/03/bvbv.jpg

Link on screenshot is not working. :(

Hello Mike and Emsa,

It is Extreme_Warez_Auto_Poster. However, I do not know how to use it. Please check it once and let me know if it useful

http:// oron.com/m16ctrb4ow32/Extreme_Warez_Auto_Poster_By_upload99.rar.html

Thank you

Sanz! Please tell more about this stuff,I’m very interested!

see description on ww w.botmasternet.com . Xrumer is super, but it costs $570.
may be Forum Poster will be useful for you. it’s quite cheaper, and, if I don’t mistake, there are cracks for it in the net.

Hi Mike,

I have heard that there is a software which is available to post the files in more than a 100 forums at one click. It’s something like warez…..

Do you mean different forum posters soft? I only work on forums with Xrumer, but it’s very expensive.

Hi Mike!

Thank you for the useful councils, I try to apply them:)
I feel it so now I start returning. There was not sales,but the number of the downloads better than in the past days:)

Good luck!

tnx……….They already paid me :)

glad to hear this.
good luck with Oron!

Hello Mike,I’ve some more question to you:)

I use oron ~ 5 months,and my earnings always oscillate. Until a couple of days I earn a lot,then something happens next and my income decreases to zero..Why this happens always? And what can I do against it?Now it taken part,that about 50% of my files was deleted.
If I use “pay per sales” option,what is the better,the profitable uploading/posting method? Upload and post lots of smaller (20-100mb) videos,or bigger dvd-s(300mb-1gb), that stays from more .rar parts?

hi, Emsa!
So, why earnings increase or decrease? See, if you work on pay-per-sale scheme and you post each day new files, so usually your earnings only increase. But if there are pauses in your posting, so one day you can earn good money, another day nothing. There may be other reason for such fluctuating in earnings. For example, your post which generated good traffic was deleted or become old and moved from first pages of web-sites. If there were problem on file host on some day, so your earnings in this day can fall to zero. what to do? be patient, try to clear the reason. If it’s problem from files host, so you may ask them for explaining the reason or simply change your files host to another. To escape file removing you need premium on file host. If your file were removed by abuse, so use file host which give the option for file restoring. This option sharingmatrix has.
What about the profitable way for posting. For pay per sale you should post in such way which can push users to buying premium. So, let see. On Oron free user can download only 100 Mb in one hour. Well, if your file will be more than 100 mb? Hah? Or if your file will be less than 100 Mb? I’m sure that user buy premium when it will be difficult for him to download your file in free mode. So, it means that it ‘s profitable for you to upload and post big files or even to split big files on 150-200 Mb parts.
good luck!

How long does it take you to transfer money from your account Oron to PayPal account…………….i make request yesterday and i still waiting for money. Thanks for the reply :)

at this time……..my money [PENDING]

Request payment

Profit payments sent to user
Date Amount Status
2010-07-25 02:48:45 39.60 [PENDING]

Oron pays every Monday. So, if you made request yesterday, so you should wait for next monday for receiveing your money. You made your request on Monday, but, I suppose, that it was too late for Oron to make your payment yesterday. So, don’t worry and wait till the beginning of next week.
Good luck!

Can you tell me please,how you can earn so much from referrals?I earn good from sales and downloads,but from referrals not.. And I don’t know why:)

iaro. 3dmax. hu/kep/dsfd.JPG

Well, I’m not oriented on referal earnings. Of course, it’s cool when somebody makes money for you. But in my structure of earnings referals gives only 10-15%. As you see at my blog I don’t hide the basic knowledge and secrets from usual visitors. Some people on their blogs or sites don’t tell eanough information, they measure info for everybody and info for referal. I don’t like to do this. May be, if I did so, I have more money from referals. Mainly, my referals are the people for which iformation from my blog were useful and they registered on my referal link. But they know that I don’t hide almost nothing.

No prob,I’ve found my old account:D
Another question: Don’t you know any plugin (for IE) or something,that allows me to stay logged in on the forums? I hate to always re-login..

Ummm… Don’t know such plugins… I use Firefox…


Thank you for your answers.
One more thing: I tried to register to planetsuzy,but they aren’t accepting new registrations at this time. Dont’ you have an unnecessary user? Or if you can invite me,that’s good for me..


it’s a pity, but I can’t invite you. sorry. try to write the letter to Planetsuzy admins.

I’ve tried another file hosters,but I stay with oron.. The other file hosters aren’t good as oron,I think.
But I saw sharecash in your blog.. Are they really pay 40 to 80 cents per download?? From $200 to $600 per 1000 downloads?? I Can’t believe this:D
I want to try this hoster,but if I use it together oron,I think it isn’t good for oron and for sharecash..

If you use Oron links, so don’t use other mirrors with it. People prefer to chose free ways, so if they receive Oron link and the link from one of filehosts with free download, then try to guess what link will be used?
Yes, Sharecash pays this sum, but it has principles of work which differs from typical filehosts. I tried to work with them, earned minimal payout sum. So, I can say that they pay.

Thank you for your answers!

A couple of minutes before now (17:40) I’ve changed from pay per sales to pay per downloads,because there werent any sales,and I want to get a little cash from the downloads..
But almost immediately there was an 49.95$ sale!!!And of course I didn’t obtain it!
But what is interesting,that the date on this sale is:
2010-07-13 10:30:14
If that was in that time,why I’vent got it? I was in pay per sales systam at that time!
And it’s really interesting,that these sales appear at this time (when I change to pay per download) always!
Does oron playing with me?
I can’t understand this

it’s the life. :)) may be, their algorithm has some cheat tuning or some time delay in real switching. but i stay on one payment scheme without switching and have sales each day. or, if you don’t try Oron, so try to earn on SM.

Thank you for your answer.
So far I used pay per download system at oron,I’ve earned from 05.28 – 07.03 ~ 100$
And on 07.10 I’ve changed to pay per sales system,and I’ve earned ~20$ at three days :D
Today I vary between the two systems,but I’ve regret it:D I just changed from pay per sales to pay per download system for ~ 1 hours,and at this time,there was a 9.95$ and a 19.95$ sale:D
I failed 15$ :///

Oh yes,and another question.. Can you write me some of the best visited porn sites what you use to share your links? I post in extreme board,xxxbbs.cc and fetishpornbb now. And in my own blog.
And what kind of porn do you share on these forums? What kind is the “most downloaded”?

“20$ at three days” on Oron is not bad result. Pay per download are profitable when your average rate is not less $8-$9 per 1000 or filehost pays you less than 20% from sales. Now Oron and Sharing matrix are the best pay-per-sale filehosts. Oron pays 50% and Sharingmatrix pays 60%.
Well, I use for forums for sharing pornbb.org, planetsuzy.org and other forums with big popularity. All this forums were in the lists which were posted in the posts of my blog. I try to chose forums with not less 500 online people. as for me the most profitable are fetish and bdsm.
What kind is the “most downloaded”?
the most downloaded CP. but it’s criminal and non-moral.


Can you tell me please,how can you perform 1000-2000 downloads per a day? And lots of sales of course! I perform ~ 4-500 downloads ,and just 1-3 sales per a day. Not bad,but I want some more:)
How many files do you upload in a day? And how many forums do you publish your files?

Thank you

about 20 popular forums. 10-15 news/day.
+ I have some my sites (each of them has in average 500-1500 visitors/day) for posting my links.
But I try to emphasize on sales. And on Oron and Sharingmatrix I set the “pay-per-sale” plan.

Just need some clarification on this. If I purchase the premium account, what happens to my previous uploaded files?

2nd question, what happened to all the files if I don’t continue with previum account after some days?

1) after your purchasing of Premium, all your files previously uploaded and new files will be stored without any deleting after 30 days of not downloading. But only till the end of premium
2) if your premium finished, for example, on Jule, 1. Well, after this date all condition of free account will be switched on. And if some of your file was downloaded last time on June, 20, then after July, 20 such file will be deleted from file hosting. So, if you have quite many files and wish not to worry about deleting inactive files, so you should have permanent premium. As for me, I have premiums on all file hosting which I used for work.

Thank you for replying. I have already updated more than 300 files, If I purchase the Oron premium account for one month, will they be kept permanently after my premium account expires also?

Or should I continue to with life long premium account?

yes, you’re right.
see, it’s from Oron FAQ:
For how long my files are kept on your server?
If you are a premium user your files are kept infinitely. If you are not a premium user however, your files may be deleted to avoid build up of not needed information but no sooner that after 30 days have passes since last download.

I have fogot to ask one more thing.

I heard that the uploaded files will be deleted automatically if we do not access the files for 30 days. Is this applicated with Oron also?

If Yes, how to store or keep the uploaded files permanently?

Thank you for your suggetions.

yes, on Oron this condition is actual too. if your file wasn’t downloaded during 30 days then it will be deleted after this term. the only way to escape such file deleting is to purchase the premiu, from oron. if you’re the premium user on file hosting then your file will be kept permanently.

Dear Mike,

I have learned lot of things from this web site and very thankful to you. However, I am earning $0.3 to $1.5(max) per 1000 downloads with Oron, as I am India and posting only desi files in Exbii and dadesiforums. Now I have exhausted with my files and need to download files.

I would like to know what files would be better, when can I download and Post, as I am new to this field. Could you please suggest some me some best 5 to 10 forums as I am seeing many forums on this website?

I hope, I can get a positive reply from you.


Hi, Sanz!
first of all, I’d like to mention that I work on Oron in “pay per sale” scheme. If you like to work with pay-per-download, then I recommend you to try Sharingmatrix. They will pay you at least $1 or more per 1000 downloads. And now they pay for all countries. About new Sharing matrix payment plans you can read in the post “Important news from Sharingmatrix: new payment plans and July Super Promo for affiliates!“. Once more I repeat that with Oron it’s better to work with pay per sale scheme.
What about forums? Mostly, I work with adult content. In the list of forums on my blog you can find many forums in this direction. You may try Intporn, Planetsuzy, Pornbb and others.
Good luck!
Read, if you have something to ask else!


I already started with oron, however, I don’t the forums to post the files, could you please suggest me some of the forums you know.


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