It was the best and the biggest during 2009-2011. Filesonic generated huge money flow for their owners and affiliates. The biggest Filesonis affiliates earned up to $1000/day. There were good times. But from the beginning of 2012 under pressure from copyright owners, Filesonic closed their affiliate programs. Now, it’s usually free file hosting.

In their best times, they offer some affiliate plans for earning: pay-per-sale, pay-per-download, and mixed (sales + downloads). Filesonic was the main file host at the biggest sites and forums all over the world. It was a very popular and reliable service with a large amount of different bonuses and contests.

To know all about them during glorious 2009-2011 you should read articles and posts from this thread.

Earning on file hostings in 2022


Earning on file hostings. Quick manual for beginners in moneymakingI guess that every Internet user has ever downloaded files from file hostings such as

Files hosts review: Old School, january 2021


In January, at one of the big affiliate forums I’ve found an interesting review of working files hosts: old school (1-year-old and older), newcomers (age – 2-4 months), middle-comers (5-10 months) and scam services (or similar). So, I’ve thought, that it could be interesting for my blog visitors.

Fileserve, filejungle, filesonic… Next to quit?


Well, main files hosts close their affiliate program, block USA IPs, delete files… Why? It seems, that their owner is scared by the MU case. But, is it really so serious? Yesterday, I’ve read some thinkings from the owner of a big file host, which is not going to stop working with affiliates. And, he thinks that owners of files host, which have already stopped affiliate programs, simply decided under the guise of a MU situation to deceive their partners and stole nonpaid money. Little later, they will open new file sharing services with other names and start to work again. Of course, it can be quite profitable for him. Because of:
– many people already have their premiums for quite long period (1 year and more). So, the file host premium level payment are quite lower when it was at start;
– top files hosts need to wait to see what will be with MU owners and what SOPA/PIPA (DMCA and others) will do with sharing services.

Wupload – new alternative to Filesonic & Oron


Hi, people!
As you may see, I prefer not to describe different affiliate programs from the beginning of their birth. Why? It was a useful experience for me, when I tried to work with new file hosts because of their interesting promo rates and after a couple of months, they simply decreased their rates to bottom or even they closed without making last payouts. After that, I always wait for some time to check them for stable work, I wait for payout proofs, I simply wait usually for half a year to start my earning on new files hosts.

FileSonic’s 1 Year Anniversary Promo!


Do you remember that Filesonic’s already worked almost 1 year? As for me, I’ve forgotten about that fact. And five minutes ago I received a letter with the announce of this Filesonic anniversary. They prepare new great promo which will be dedicated to this date. So, here is a letter from files host Filesonic:

Half & Half from Filesonic


Yesterday Filesonic announced new tariff plan E. They called it Half & Half. It’s quite a strange name as for me. But, the main is not the name, the main is what is inside of this Filesonic tariff plan.
If you’ve already worked with filesonic when it was Sharingmatrix, so you must remember why posters and webmasters chose Sharingmatrix for earning on files sharing two years ago. If not, I’ll try to explain. In 2009, Sharingmatrix offered only one tariff plan, but in that plan they paid for all downloads and premium sales. People liked it, because other files hosts paid only for downloads or only for premium sales without any mix.

Fiesta at Filesonic


It’s happened again! This week Filesonic announced start of new promo with incentive bonus. New April promo from Filesonic was called Fiesta.

New promo Fiesta at Filesonic

In the prologue to the announcement of Fiesta the administration of files host gave intriguing promises to announce some more stunning news in the nearest future. But at the moment, Fiesta from Filesonic is quite stunning news for all affiliates.

Cool news from Filesonic


This week Filesonic made new updates to their affiliates moneymaking program. There were 2 updates:
1) Now you can earn $35 per 1000 downloads!
2) You may vary the limit of files for free download.

Did you know?


I decided that current post will be something like news review. This review will consist of the news from leading file sharing services for last couple monthes. So, let’s go!

files hosting news in 2011

Lifetime Filesonic


Last time, when I wrote about exciting Filesonic bonuses and promo in 2011, I forgot to tell you about start of selling lifetime Filesonic premium. So, if you need Lifetime Filesonic Premium then you should buy it clicking on the Filesonic banner below:

Filesonic promo 2011


Hi, all!
in 2011 leading files hosts continue their service developing and affiliate program upgrading. First in this list is Filesonic. They have some great news. Great for me, but I hope that they will be great for you too. So, what Filesonic offers to all their partners in 2011?

Exciting holidays promo from Filesonic


Hey, great news for filesonic affiliates!
Filesonic announced new great promo to wish everybody a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

register in Filesonic Monster Holidays promo

They want to be the number 1 among leading files hosts. So, this promo is a new step on their way to top position. They called it MONSTER HOLIDAY PROMO. What is inside?

Some news from files hosts


I’d like to write about some news from files hosts.
First of all, Hotfile. They announced new Christmas contest with great Grand Prize “Exclusive premium account for 2 YEARS”! You may read all conditions of this contest and enter the contest on this page

Double payouts from Filesonic!


$5 Filesonic promo was not so long ago and this Friday Filesonic announced new exciting promo day for their affiliates.

double payout Promo from FileSonic

So, as files host Filesonic promised earlier, they continue their promo series. Try new Filesonic promo! What is under wraps? Well, first of all, new promo day on Filesonc will be the 14th of November 2010! What should we do? Nothing additional job! Only upload files and post links! After that you will need to send your request on promo bonus and take this bonus, which will be equal to your files host earnings in promo day.

New October Promo from FileSonic – get $5 for each premium!


Hi, people!
I’m very glad to inform you, if still do not know, that one of the best paying files hosts Filesonic(ex-Sharingmatrix) announced a new October Promo, which will be held October 30-31, 2010.