Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) for sharing files and earning!


File hosting Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) is an interesting service, a detailed calculation of tariffs you can view below. The minimum file size for earning on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) should be not less than 1 Mb.
Sharingmatrix pays you up to 30$ for unique and non-unique 1000 downloads. For each download you receive some points on your account from the Sharing matrix(Filesonic). Then file host Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) automatically convert this points into the U.S. dollars. Each 1000 points are equal $5.

Sharingmatrix (Filesonic) sharing files and earning

File hosting Sharingmatrix pays for downloads from the next countries: Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Japan, Singapore, and New Zealand.
So, let see on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) rates:

for 1 file size from 1mb to 100mb you receive 1 point (for 1000 downloads rate will be 5$)
for 1 file size from 101mb to 250mb you receive 2 points (for 1000 downloads rate will be 10$)
for 1 file size from 251mb to 400mb you receive 3 points (for 1000 downloads rate will be 15$)

!!! + Sharingmatrix pays you 30% from the price of Premium accounts you sell. You also receive 30% of all payments from a premium user, while he remains a user of the Premium service and makes renewal of his Premium.
So, from purchasing Premium accounts on Sharing matrix(Filesonic) your earn:

user purchases 1 month Sharingmatrix premium account = you earn $2.70
user purchases 3 months premium on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) = you earn $7.50
user purchases 6 months premium on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) = you earn $10.50
user purchases 6 months premium on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) = you earn $16.50

For example, if you upload on Sharing matrix(Filesonic) a 260 Mb file, and it was downloaded from hosting 1000 times, and one 6 month membership on Sharing matrix(Filesonic) was purchased, so you will get $15 for downloads and $10.50 as a reward for the premium membership purchase! A total sum of your earning on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) will be $25.50!
The payment period on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) is 1 week. File host Sharing matrix pays every Friday, if you have the minimum for payout on your account balance. Minimal payout on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) is only $15. You can get your money from Sharingmatrix on your purse in Paypal, Webmoney or ePassporte. Payments from the Sharing matrix(Filesonic) via bank wire transfer are available on request.
File host SharingMatrix(Filesonic) has some unique options, which can significantly increase your earnings. In general, on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) there are some secrets to increase earnings:
– file host SharingMatrix(Filesonic) has the possibility for file uploading with further distributing them into different folders. Among other file hosts only Deposifiles has such option to create folders. After creating the file folder on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic), you can upload your files in it or copy it from other folders. For example, make the folder “Movies” and upload all the movies there. After that when you post the news with your links for downloading some movie file from Sharingmatrix(Filesonic), you can simply append to the end of your post a download link to folder “Movie”, or write near, for example, that “The complete archive of movies available for download HERE” (a word here to can make as a hyperlink to the Sharingmatrix folder with your movies). And, in such way, you can create folders for each file type.
What effect does it provide? While the number of your files in a separate folder is not big, you don’t get a huge effect from this. But when the number of files in the folder will be more than 100, then this way may increase the count of the additional downloads of your files + additional purchases of premium on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic). This scheme on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) many professional posters use.
– file host SharingMatrix(Filesonic) has an additional option for file archiving. For example, you upload your files on SharingMatrix(Filesonic), you can even through remote. You have uploaded, for example, an image of a DVD in ten parts of 400 MB. And after that you enter in your Sharingmatrix account, mark uploaded 10 file parts and click the bottom button “Write the name of the archive (without the point): [_______________]. zip Add to archive”. After that, you get a file with a size of 4.0 GB, which you can add as a mirror in your posts. What’s the sense of it? If your file is quite rare and in high demand among users, they can download your file with the purchase of premium. You may simply use this option to replace the mirror link on its list of links from banned paid file hosts.
– There are a lot of popular online news sites, which insist on adding the site name in the name of your files in posts. To upload several times the same file with different names on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) are not very fun. What has SharingMatrix(Filesonic) for this? You only need to select a file from uploaded files, click on the button “virtual copy” and rename a copy of the file as needed. For example, rename the file from the «cs4_photoshop_file.rar» in «». It takes only a few seconds! And you even haven’t to upload a lot of times the same file, renaming it each time. Just make as many virtual copies as you need for work! Thus you can posts on all sites without the risk of being banned for non-compliance to the site rules for posting.
Besides this, Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) provides different actions and gives some incentive bonuses for posters. Don’t waste your time, register on Sharingmatrix!
To register on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) you should only click the link right on this page.

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