Fileserve – $25 per 1000 downloads!


Hi, all!
Today I want to tell about files sharing service which is called Fileserve. Well, it’s already working about 6 months on the files hosts market. From the start of Fileserve, to be honest, I didn’t believe that they can work stably for a long time. But months have gone and Fileserve is live and works. So, I decided to try it and I understood that service is quite good for earning on files downloads.

Why I can’t earn on files hosts?


Quite often I receive letters from people asking question which was used today as a topic of my article. Why I can’t earn on files hosts? Why I can’t make money in Internet? Why I can’t earn enough online? These are different interpretations of the same issue. First of all, how much is enough for you?

Summer news from files hosts + interesting tips for earning


Summer news from files hosts. interesting tips for earning Hi, people! Here was quite hot weather last weeks, so it’s not impossible to work or to write posts in my blog. Today, I’d like to write about news from some paying files hosts, which I use for moneymaking on files. So, let’s start!

Sorted XXX forum base for downloading


Hi, all!
Last time, I’ve received many requests from my readers and visitors of my blog about sharing with them my XXX forum base. I understand that many of you are only at the beginning of your way of online moneymaking and you need help. But at that time you should understand me.

Important news from Sharingmatrix: new payment plans and July Super Promo for affiliates!


Hope, that all of you, who already earn on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic), received the Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) letter with description of new payment plans of file hosting. But, if you didn’t get it or deleted it not reading, so I try to explain what changes were made.

How to increase earnings on file hostings more than $30 per 1000 downloads? Important tips


How to increase earnings on file hostings more than $30 per 1000 downloads? Important tips The majority of leading file hostings pay pay their affiliates money, based on the file hosting earnings from sales of premium accounts. Really such working scheme is more fair and allows file hostings to pay more money to those webmasters and posters who bring more revenue to file hosting services.

$ 21100 in prizes from SharingMatrix(Filesonic) in June 2010 competition


The May 28th, 2010 paying file hosting SharingMatrix(Filesonic) announced the beginning of a new attractive competition between Sharing Matrix(Filesonic) affiliates in drawing cash prizes. The competition from SharingMatrix(Filesonic) will be held from 4 June to 1 July this year and the prizes will be paid out weekly.

Free site and forum base for posting urls on download!


Novices, and not only novices in file hosting earning very often need at the beginning of their work the base of sites and forums for posting urls on download your files. In principle, to pick the site and forum base for posting news is not very difficult. But it requires only time and patience. And, of course, do not forget that in our case time is money.

How to purchase premium gold account on Depositfiles?


Last time, when I looked at blog statistics, I see that many people, which came to my blog from search engines, being interested in that how to purchase premium account or Gold accounts on such file hostings as Depositfiles, Filesonic (ex-Sharingmatrix), Hotfile, Oron.
Some people may ask me for what they should purchase premium account or gold account on file hostings? Let me explain. If you wish to download file from file hosting on maximum speed, you need to purchase premium or gold account.

Good news from Sharingmatrix(Filesonic)!


File hosting Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) from month to month more and more improves the conditions of their affiliate program for webmasters and posters. At the end of April 2010 Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) announced the new action with a 50% additional bonus to your earnings in May.

Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) – your matrix for sharing files and earning!


File hosting Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) is an interesting service, a detailed calculation of tariffs you can view below. The minimum file size for earning on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) should be not less 1 Mb.
Sharingmatrix pays you up to 30$ for unique and non-unique 1000 downloads. For each download you receive some points on your account from Sharing matrix(Filesonic). Then file host Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) automatically convert this points into the U.S. dollars.