Free site and forum base for posting urls on download!


Novices, and not only novices in file hosting earning very often need at the beginning of their work the base of sites and forums for posting urls on download your files. In principle, to pick the site and forum base for posting news is not very difficult. But it requires only time and patience. And, of course, do not forget that in our case time is money. Yes, I know from my own experience that at the beginning of work it is very difficult to understand what sites and forums will be suitable for posting and what not. You should check sites and forums from your posting base and sort them depending on their attendance and popularity. And, you should check each site and forum by yourself. Major of posters are constantly looking for new sites and forums for their bases or looking for a free site base or forum base in open access.
On some sites in the Internet very often people sell different forums and site bases for posting. Prices on such base forums and sites for posting URLs start from $5 and reach up to 40-50 dollars. If the bought base for posting will be good and quality, your money will be quickly paid off. But in case of a bad posting base, it means you have just given your money to a swindler. When I began to earn on sharing files, I also bought a couple such site posting base which were non-quality and I understand how it can be unpleasant to buy something non-quality. So, I decided to help the readers of my blog and share with you the free site and forum base for posting news. If you wish to thank me, you could start your way in earning on file hosting by registering on file hostings using links located right on this page.

Free base of sites and forums for posting urls on download!

So, below you can take without any obligations sites and forums from my base for posting:

Download the list of sites and forums

With this site and forum posting base you could easily start to earn on file hostings about $1000 in a couple of months (approved on a posting of adult content such as porn video and pictures). I’ve checked this fact on my referrals. It’s a real quality base and it’s free!

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Thank you. Add your blog to my favourite sites. Really useful information for those, who post download links from files hostings all over the web.

i have just joined

but i am not able to start any topic in xxx section

plese help

at first, read their rules. if there are not any restrictions for newcomers, than write your question to the forum moderator or admin.

really good sites. I hope you can share a lot of

thank you. I’m trying to post actual info.


Five stars***** for you.
I am searching for the same thing

thanks for compliment.
good luck in posting!

hey Mike..can i have ur email id…do u use msn or yahoo messenger?

use ahead @ ua . fm without blank spaces

Thanks a lot…would love to get more updates from u mike

I’ll try to do my best….

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