$ 21100 in prizes from SharingMatrix(Filesonic) in June 2010 competition


The May 28th, 2010 paying file hosting SharingMatrix(Filesonic) announced the beginning of a new attractive competition between Sharing Matrix(Filesonic) affiliates in drawing cash prizes. The competition from SharingMatrix(Filesonic) will be held from 4 June to 1 July this year and the prizes will be paid out weekly.

$ 21100 in prizes from SharingMatrix in June 2010 competition. Join Sharing Matrix and earn on file hosting!

How will the SharingMatrix competition be? File hosting SharingMatrix will reward cash prizes weekly to the best top 50 affiliates based on the results of last week. Who can become one of this top 50 affiliates Sharingmatrix? It’s obvious, that the evaluation of affiliates from the Sharing matrix(Filesonic) will be based on their earnings over the past week. Sharing Matrix(Filesonic) will take into evaluation the number of files downloads and the number of purchased premium SharingMatrix accounts. Each Sharingmatrix affiliates can take part in the competition. Competition rank of the affiliates will be based on earned bonus points. Sharingmatrix bonus points are will be calculated by such formula:
For example, you earned $100 a week for free downloads of your files and $320 dollars for the purchase of premium SharingMatrix(Filesonic). So, after calculation you will get ($100*25%)+($320*75%) = 265 bonus points.
As you can see, the more bonus points you will get from purchases of SharingMatrix premium accounts. The sum of your cash prize will depend on your rank in the competition, which you will take at the end of each competition week on SharingMatrix(Filesonic).
So, let see on Sharingmatrix cash prizes:
– first three winners of the week receives $300
– partners, which ranked from 4 to 7, will receive $225
– from 8 to 12 places you will win $175
– 13-16 ranks will bring their owners $150
– if you will take place in the range from 17 to 20, then you will get $125
– from 21 till 30 place the sum of the prize will be $ 75
– if your place is in the interval from 31 to 40, then your prize $50
– well, if your rank will vary from 41 to 50, then you will win $ 25.

So the chances for receiving the part of the $ 21100 competition prize fund from Sharingmatrix are enough high, but don’t forget, once again, more sales of premium SharingMatrix will give you more bonus points.
If you are still not earning on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic), so it is just the time when you should register and start earning with SharingMatrix(Filesonic). Link for registration on SharingMatrix(Filesonic) located on this page to the right column.
Good luck in the Sharingmatrix Competition!

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