Why I can’t earn on files hosts?


Quite often I receive letters from people asking the question which was used today as a topic of my article. Why I can’t earn on files hosts? Why I can’t make money in Internet? Why I can’t earn enough online? These are different interpretations of the same issue. First of all, how much is enough for you? As I wrote in my previous articles, you should decide what is your goal of starting earning on files sharing or, simply, making money online. If you have approved goals list, then you can build your workflow on this basis. This is one of the important moments of the online work. In many business courses and trainings the experienced coaches strongly recommend to their listeners, first of all, to decide how much they plan to earn?

Why I can't earn on files hosts? How to be successful in money making online?

What are the reasons for the failures of people, working itself? Why do they not earn enough money from files hosts? Why does your success’ curve tend only down? Well, try to answer honestly the questions listed below and you, I hope, will understand why your online earnings from files hosts (other affiliate programs) are not much different from zero. All things are pretty simple and so elementary that the most of people are simply do not realize it:
– Popular or not popular are my news for people?
– How many sites and forums do I use for posting?
– What is the attendance of sites and forums, on which my news are published?
– Do I make the statistics analyze of those sites and forums, where I publish the news? Were all my news published there? Do my news successfully pass the moderation on sites and forums? Or, maybe, I’ve registered automatically on sites and forums, using autoposters, and I post my news automatically even not checking their appearance on these sites and forums? Maybe, most of my news are simply removed by administrators of sites and forums?
– If my news were not published on any website, did I try to understand the causes of this problem? Perhaps the reasons for this are non-compliance with the site rules, with approved design news, or your news was simply a duplicate of the existing, already published news?
– If my news quite a long time were not published only on some sites, did I try to understand why so? Perhaps, these sites simply did not accept publications from unauthenticated users, or, maybe, they’re already dead?
– Am I working with my sites and forums bases for posting? Do I add new sites(if I find), check old sites for their efficiency or simply use for posting the downloaded sites and forum bases from Internet?
– How do my screenshots to the news look? Am I working on the description for the news? What combination of files hosts do I use? (Remember that the subconscious of the site visitors are not very receptive to the news with bad design, poor description, inexpressive screenshots).

By the way, giving the answer to these questions, do not think that these are all reasons for the failures. The greatest role of all our failures are played by our typical, banal slovenliness and laziness. Even though it sounds not too pleasant, but this is so. Here, let us now analyze the situation. For example, every day usual poster spend for posting news about three hours. It is not too little, especially for a beginner.
Now, let’s try to analyze how does he spend these three hours? Turn on the computer and the countdown of those hours has started …
And now we discovered that only on posting were spent just half an hour from those three hours or even less. Why? Try to guess! How does the typical beginning poster work? He started files upload to the files hosting. Then, instead of the preparation and design of his news which will please as site admins, as site users, as search engine robots, the poster is simply doing nothing which is close to this. So, he even does not know what he’s losing. Most of such online moneymakers at this time (during files uploading) spend their time chatting and wasting their time in ICQ or Skype, Facebook or Twitter. In general, they are just killing their useful time. By the way, if you actively chat in social networks, so I wanted to say a few words about this. Social networks really take away a lot of our valuable time, giving its members the virtual chance to experience pieces of something meaningful, relevance and demand… For many users, social networks are their second life. But for me, social networks are one of the greatest online devourers of our time…
By the way, except for social services on your computer, there are many other devourers of useful time. Games, forums, chat, entertainment, all this makes beginning moneymakers to forget for what they had actually just sat down at the computer. And what’s up? Failures again? Perhaps, it’s the main problem of all freelancers – to force themselves to work, be able to identify and rank priorities for themselves in their working processes.
In summary, I would note that if you are interested in earning on files hosts (or other different affiliate programs) and you want to try yourself in such moneymaking, then you should treat this with full responsibility, as if it’s your task, getting from your chief on a real offline job. Otherwise, if you perceive earnings on sharing services (another affiliate program) as just only a temporary amusement something like this: download a couple files, publish them on a couple sites and see how many thousands of dollars I will earn from them only to check whether I can make money on sharing services. So, with such working approach nothing will not work. Try to think if you could not execute tasks, received from your chief, on your real work, then how long you have worked with such attitude to tasks? I think not so long. Very soon you would have to look for a new job, having the negative recommendations of your previous employers. So the Internet moneymaking (files hosts and other affiliates programs) should be treated with full responsibility as well as a real job. Then you will succeed in your businesses.
Good luck in your online moneymaking!

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