Filehost Rapidshare – one of the oldest file hosting. But this filehost earning opportunities there are clearly worse as on the other paying file hostings. Before the last time at Rapidshare you could only earn points (RapidPoints) for downloading your files and then, when you gather a certain number of point, these points can be converted into prizes (cameras, gifts, premium). However, most of people have to work with it, because of most of web resources demand the presence of mirrors on file hosting Rapidshare.

Register on Rapidshare

But, times are changing. Since June 2009 at files host Rapidshare the money program started. File hosting will give you the part of payments for premium purchases made via your download links. These money will be presented as the ReferrerPoints. Number of ReferrerPoints depends on the period of premium account (similar to Depositfiles Gold), which was purchased. In this regard, there are 4 variants of your charges:
– 30 days Premium – 1 ReferrerPoint;
– 90 days Premium – 3 ReferrerPoints;
– Premium 180 days – 5 ReferrerPoints;
– Premium 365 days – 10 ReferrerPoints.
In your account statistics on Rapidshare is an exchange rate that shows how much one ReferrerPoint costs in real money. The standard rate is missing, the value of ReferrerPoint depends on the exchange rate, which may vary over the time. This rate is set in depending on ratio downloads your files and purchases Premiums.
To convert ReferrerPoint in the Euro and to withdraw the earned ReferrerPoint from file hosting Rapidshare you will need to gather 1000 RapidPoints on the account or, in other cases, you will be charged 0,70 euro from your converted sum. For example, you have 1 ReferrerPoint, which converts on the current exchange rate of Rapidshare into 2 Euros, so during converting for the money you’ll be charged 0,70 euro from this amount and you will receive 1,30 euros. Or there is another way – if you have enough RapidPoints (not less than 1000), you’ll be charged them, and you will receive your 2 euros.
Money from Rapidshare appear on your account in the payment system Paypal. Therefore, before the making request on payout from Rapidshare you would also be required to register your account at Paypal.
The process of transferring money may take from four to six weeks. Really, it’s quite a long time. You can try to contact the technical support of file hosting Rapidshare and deal with them on an individual conditions, where and how quick you need to receive your earning from downloads. However, it is unlikely that they will waste their time if the amount of your payment will be less than 100 Euros.
Nevertheless, I would like to add that the transferring on the Paypal is not a bad moment. Money from your Paypal account you can spend on overseas e-shops and auctions (like eBay, Amazon and others). The delivery of purchased goods is quite simple. By the way, keep in mind that in most cases the price of such goods, including the cost of delivery, will be much lower than if you purchase it in local shops, though the option acquire additional benefits.

Very often I am asked how to register the account at file hosting Rapidshare?

Algorithm for registration is the following:
– Visit the site Rapidshare and upload any file on file hosting. To do this you need to click on Browse. Then appear form for file selecting, then click on this button Upload;
– After uploading the file on site the page will appear with a description of the file, and link to it, just below there is a paragraph Create Collector’s Account – this is the field for free registration;
– Fill in the fields: Username (Login), E-mail address (Your e-mail), Password (Password), Re-enter password (Confirm password), click Create Collector’s Account;
Registration on Rapidshare is completed, you can now login to Rapidshare account with your username and password. In the future, to open your account you need to enter the menu via Free Zone -> Collector’s Zone Login.

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