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So, the administration of file hosting Letitbit already understood that there is something wrong in their kingdom. The first ring of the bell of new changes is the launch of a new tariff Turba. From the name Turba everybody sees that it sounds very similar to the name of file hosting Turbobit. Turbobit is one of the main competitors of Letitbit on the market. So, the rates, which offered in tariff Turba, are not too different from the rates of Turbobit. It seems, that the owners of Letitbit already understood that there are many other paying sharing services and posters are not ready to be patient about decreasing of Letitbit earnings. So, now with the new tariff Turba Letitbit could gain an advantage before Turbobit.

Turba Letitbit

So, what can posters earn with the tariff Turba? The rates in Turba are following:

file from 1 Mb to 5 Mb – $4 per 1000 downloads
file from 5 Mb to 10 Mb – $5 per 1000 downloads
file from 10 Mb to 50 Mb – $7 per 1000 downloads
file from 50 Mb to 100 Mb – $8 per 1000 downloads
file from 100 Mb to 250 Mb – $10 per 1000 downloads
file from 250 Mb to 1500 Mb – $14 per 1000 downloads
file more than 1500 Mb – $17 per 1000 downloads

How to move on tariff Turba?

Here, of course, is the small nuance. To move on a new tariff Turba you should register a new account at Letitbit. All the old Letitbit accounts are staying to work on the old tariffs – with the ratio, traffic analyzers, efficiency, rates and others. So, if you liked Turba, then hurry to register a new Letitbit account. Tariff Turba may be chosen and set during the process of registration at Letitbit – do not forget this moment. So, somebody may ask: “Why I should move to Turba”? IMHO, using Turba you can earn on files with size less than 5 Mb, which is not paid by Letitbit old rate tariffs. Of course, you should transfer by yourself your files from the old account, Letitbit doesn’t help you in this. As for me, it is easier to stay old files at the old account and upload new files on the new account.
By the way, the new tariff Turba works without any ratio! According to the interview of file hosting Letitbit admins, they are not planning to set ratio on tariff Turba.
Now about bad news. Letitbit does not pay a percentage of premium sales on tariff Turba. But they promise in the near future to start paying it.
By the way, if you already have an account on Letitbit and you are going to register a new Letitbit account on Turba, so you should pay attention not to become the referral of your first Letitbit account. Auto referring is prohibited on Letitbit and both of your accounts may be banned! So, to escape this mistake just click on the Letitbit link in the right column on this page and register without any fear to become a referral to yourself.
By the way, in the near future Letitbit is preparing the launch of another tariff. Guess, how will it be called? I think that most of you guessed that the name will be – “Depo”. Of course, another main competitor of Letitbit is Depositfiles. So, the rates of “Depo” will be optimized for English Internet audience. They are going to pay up to $22 per 1000 downloads from USA, and up to $17 for such countries like Germany, Spain, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada. It sounds very, very interesting.
So, finally file hosting Letitbit shows everyone how to work. So, dear colleagues do not lose precious time and let start to enjoy the bonuses from sharing service Letitbit.

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10.7$ / 1000
I am on Turba, all my files are bigger then 250MB so why is there 10.7$?

now, besides files size, download rate depends from traffic quality (sales number and sums). Some days, when i have huge sales and my position in TOP200, my rate increase up to $35/1000

I am on turba plan on letitbit and i want to know that DOES the download rate and EFFICIENCY depends uopn sales ??
I mostly get downloads only and hardly any sales that’s why i want to know if Letitbit is fit for PPD users.
(I am a new user of Letitbit)

yes, your earning rate depends on download. to increase your efficiency level you should generate more sales. or you may switch on sales plan and simply earn 50% from sales.

Does it have country restriction for downloads? If yes, please suggest

they allow to download from all countries and they pay for downloads from all countries.

Thank you Mike, I am learning so many things from you…. Thank you once again.

glad to help you

Hi Mike,
Does it have country restriction for downloads? If yes, please suggest me the files hosting websites like Oron which offers including India downloads for counting.

Thank you.

Yes, Letitbit counts downloads from all countries. Another file hosting which pays for all countries is Sharingmatrix.
Good luck!

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