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Trends Trigger Fx is a profitable trading strategy for trading in the trend with the ability to add volume to an open position, when the existing position is in profit. It is based on the interaction of two trend indicators, but is diluted with several informative indicators.

The main feature of this trading strategy is that a trader can use the price bounce from one of the two trend indicators to re-enter the market. Consequently, it is possible to make a loss or profit on several positions at once on Forex markets and Binary options. A forex trader should consider an additional possibility of entering the market when choosing a size of a lot for trading. As a rule, the size of the trading lot is used half as much as in the standard approach.

Short review of Trends Trigger Fx trading system

Trading Platform: MetaTrader4
Forex/binary options Broker: Any with market orders execution
Type of Quotes: recommended to use 5 digits
Currency pairs: no restrictions, but it is not profitable to trade exotic currency pairs with a high spread on lower timeframes.
Timeframe: with the default settings it is recommended to use this trading system on timeframes m30 and above. It should be noted that there will be 1-2 signals per day on timeframes m30 and H1. Deals can be carried over to the next trading day because they often do not reach take profit on an opening day.
Trading hours: you can not select the time, as there will be no signals in the absence of a trend. In areas with high volatility, there will be loss-making signals, but they are present in any trading strategy. In areas with low volatility, there may appear the entry points not be worse than during the American and European sessions.
Audio and text notifications – all the signals of the trading strategy are formed in real-time. Trader independently monitors the signal formation and determines its quality, according to the rules of the strategy and the existing patterns of price movement.
Money management: the risk per trade for m30 is 2%. When re-entering the lot is often larger, as the protective stop order is less. On the timeframe H1 and above, the risk per trade can be increased up to 5%. Taking into account the rules of the strategy, the lot for trading on m5 will be in the range of 0.03 for every $1,000 of the deposit.

Indicators used in the trading strategy

FXVEN3 is a trend indicator, which works on the principle of moving average and has no redrawing of its signals. This indicator has no settings. You can only switch on signal formation notifications and change the indicator color.
Banda de Cambio is an additional trend indicator, which is more sensitive to price changes. It generates several times more signals than FXVEN3, has a lower lag, and is effective only during American and European sessions.
Symbol changer profit display v5 – is used for easy navigation and switching charts for different currency pairs and timeframes. You can use the indicator to select the desired pair in the upper left corner of the terminal and the desired timeframe. The charts switch pretty quickly and all the charts will already show the strategy.
Profit Chnager display profit – shows profit or loss of the open position in pips in the bottom right corner of the terminal.
FXDVA3 – displays candlestick close time, price, spread, time frame, and currency pair in the upper right corner.

How to install on your chart

1) Download and unzip the archive at the end of this article. The archive contains indicators with extension ex4 and mq4 + template with extension tpl.
2) Copy the Trends Trigger Fx.tpl template file to the templates folder of the terminal. All settings of the indicators used do not need to be entered manually, they are activated when installing the template.
3) Immediately copy all the ex4 and mq4 files into the folder of your terminal MQL4 -> indicators.
4) Restart your trading terminal.
5) Open the chart with the required currency pair
6) Click on the right mouse button on the opened terminal chart and select the Trends Trigger Fx pattern for installation

If you’ve done everything correctly, then your chart will show the following system with all indicators on a black background.

 strategy Trends Trigger Fx on MT4 chart

The strategy is set on the D1 timeframe on the currency pair GBP/USD. The main indicator of the strategy FXVEN3 perfectly searches for new trends and position opening levels. The price actually always returns to the indicator bars and only after that forms a movement in the direction of the arrow formed. The mt4 trading strategies tester showed that the signals of this indicator do not overdraw.

Signals to open long positions (buy)

– A blue arrow pointing up has been formed.
– The price is above the blue line indicator FXVEN3.
– Adding to an open position when the price rebounds from one of the Banda de Cambio or FXVEN3 indicators. This tactic has the advantage of reducing risk, stop-loss, and maximizing profits. – According to the author of Trends Trigger Fx, the price returns to these levels in 75% of cases.
– Stop-loss is set at the nearest local low, which is formed before the blue arrow from the FXVEN3 indicator.
– The take-profit and stop-loss ratio is 1 to 1.15-3. That is, take-profit can be three times larger than the set stop loss.

Signals to open long positions

Signals for opening a short position (sell)

– A red arrow pointing downward has been formed.
– The price is below the red line on the FXVEN3 indicator.
– Adding to an open position when the price rebounds from one of the Banda de Cambio or FXVEN3 indicators.
– Stop-loss is set at the nearest local maximum, which is formed before the red arrow of the FXVEN3 indicator.
– The take-profit and stop-loss ratio is 1 to 1.15-3. That is, the take-profit can be three times greater than the set stop loss.

Signals for opening a short position

General recommendations

As a rule, after the formation of the arrow from the FXVEN3 indicator, the second signal from the Banda de Cambio indicator in the direction of a new trend brings the largest profit. If the second signal is not generated by the specified indicator, the signal from FXVEN3 is unprofitable.

Indicator FXVEN3 gives fairly accurate signals on the timeframe M5, but the trader needs to look for the points where the signals from the trend indicators are strongest. Typically, it is the period of change of the session, and the price rebounds from important levels. Signals in the main trend can also be taken into account. It is better not to use the Asian session period to trade on this trading system.

Before using the Trends Trigger Fx strategy on a real deposit, I recommend testing it on a demo account with suitable forex or binary options broker.

Link to download strategy installation pack

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