Something about Oron


Yesterday I’ve found interesting chat screenshot of Oron support. So, here it is:

oron not paying

Is it fake or true? As I’ve heard before, this screenshot could be real.

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this is true

i got approved payment way back in march for $1,800.00 and they banned my account for no reason. i try to contact them through icq chat but they keep on ignoring me.

they banned my account but all my files are still available for download so i deleted all my links (they will not be making money out of me anymore)

i just moved on and i am not looking for a good file host (hopefully this one will not fuck me over)

one more ban from their side. well, i know some file host that also banned poster’s account but didn’t delete files.
so, try others, if files hosts are the main earning source for you.

Dear Mike,

I would request you to review the following filehost and give me your suggestion/feedback/warning.

I am basically from India, hence, planning to use this host.

thank you.

may be quite later.
but shortly:
1) domain was created only month ago.
2) you need premium for working there, because for users without premium they give only 30 GB of hosting space. it’s too small for work.
3) i didn’t still see any proof of payouts. I’ve checked some big forums, but no. As I’ve seen at forums, they announced about themselves only this week.
4) their rates are practically on the same level as rapidgator. by the way, at that posters forums I’ve read about comparing filehost with rapidgator. at that moment people earn a little more at rapidgator, than at filehost, from “pay-per-downloads”.
5) for downloaders filehost offer interesting premiums for 7 and 14 days. but, if to compare with rapidgator premiums, premiums from filehost have higher prices. well, by the way, filehost can receive paypal payment. it’s quite difficult to suppose, how long it will be.

well, that’s all at that moment

Seems fake to me.

Can I have your contack info? Email or anything. Couldnt find a contact us link in here.

Want your help with uploading…..Can be your referral…

wrote to your mail

I got the payment from Oron to WebMoney account.Thanks alot.

I think, they do not have option the to send the money to PayPal.
They suggested to use Webmoney or Alert Pay for me to send the money.

yes, as I’ve heard, their account at paypal was blocked

I think it’s fake.
They can’t talk like this Fearing for their popularity at least.

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