Easy earning on Oron


File hosting Oron is one of the newest file hostings. Oron offers unique terms and makes the richest toolkit available for you – from remote upload, FTP, comprehensive statistics, files duplicates to files status determination. On Oron you are free to choose how to earn: you can earn 50% for premium oron account sales and account extensions or be paid for downloads. Furthermore, you can combine these types of earning on Oron.

Easy earning on Oron. Make money on files host

How to earn on Oron?

- you can use your sites, blogs and other resources to promote Oron or simply bring in new users and get paid.
- refer other webmasters to join Oron and Oron.com will give you 10% of all sales and rebills they generate;
- you can share your files all over the net and earn money and points from every download;
- file hosting Oron counts downloads from all countries. Downloads are counted without limitations (multiple downloads Oron counts too);
- hosting Oron pays up to $10 per 1000 downloads;
- hosting Oron pays you 50% commission on all sales of oron premium account membership and rebills;
- On Oron you can get a flexible rate plans system: 50% of sales or pay per download. By default you enter into a 50% of all sales revshare program, but you can always switch to the pay per download program inside your Oron account admin area by going to Advanced Options.
Minimum payout on Oron is only $30. Oron pays every Monday if your earning on account balance reaches minimum payout sum. You can receive your money from Oron via Paypal, Webmoney, Epassporte and Wire Transfer at your choice.
File hosting Oron doesn’t have country-based restrictions for free downloads. So, Oron is very useful now, because it wasn’t banned anywhere.
Recommend you to try it. To register on Oron you should click on the banner below or on this link – File host Oron.

Register on Oron

P.S. I made the screenshot of my Oron earning stats for the second half of April. So, you can see here my earnings on Oron. By the way, I started to work with Oron only from the January, 2010. At present moment I have on Oron account about 380 files, which were posted in separate threads on 11 popular forums. That’s all.

How much you can earn on Oron? My April earning statistic

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Comments (309)


I don’t work with them. Knew that previous admin was an idiot. Last year, as i’ve heard, situation is good there. Asfile is quite popular and pays in time.

Hello Mike!

What’s your opinion about Asfile?

See, it’s one from many suggestions. Try to post under new username in new threads.

So try to start new threads? Or make a new username too?


Sometimes owners saved the posters names at famous forums and in future check all new threads from these posters for infringement. And even if you’ve changed filehost they’ll find your files and send abuses for them. So, may be it’s your variant?

Hi Mike!

Since some days I started to post the stuffs with rapidgator (instead of k2s), and it started good, but today the same continued that started on k2s. Today they deleted 24 files, and the reason is “Copyright infringement”

And I don’t know why this happening…

See, may be that k2s has too many abuses from your “same owners” . So, because of this, they delete all. Did you try to upload something from other owners?

Hi Mike!

I don’t know about that my account would under control… Too abusive owners? I don’t know… I post stuffs from the same owners than I posted early, so I don’t think..
I post my files in rar packs, and named them with random file names, so this may not be a trouble

Hi, Emsa!
May be, your account is under additional control because of some previous violations? Or your files are from too abusive owners? Try to pack it in rar or zip, may be it helps. Or create new account.

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