Turbobit gives turbo earnings!


In my last post about “Turba from Letitbit” I mentioned such file hosting as Turbobit. So, today I’d like to share some information about Turbobit with you, my readers.

Turbobit gives turbo earnings!

So, Turbobit was created in the beginning of the 2009. First time, many posters supposed that Turbobit was not a long-term project. It seemed that Turbobit couldn’t work more than 2-3 monthes. But one year is already gone, and file hosting Turbobit is working stably. It has good feedbacks from users, posters and webmasters.
File hosting Turbobit offers a very attractive possibilities for earning. Turbobit pays for a big count of different countries. In their list of payable countries you can find Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Singapore. You may earn from $3 till $15 per 1000 downloads of your files depending, of course, on file size. The paying rates of Turbobit are the following:

File size Rate per 1000 downloads, $
1Mb-4Mb $3
5Mb-9Mb $4
10Mb-49Mb $6
50Mb-99Mb $7
100Mb-249Mb $9
250Mb-1500Mb $12
1500Mb-5000Mb $15

Except the payments for downloads you can receive an additional 20% of the value of Turbo-access, purchased on your files. The Turbo access is an analogue of Premium account or Gold account on other paying file hostings. Turbobit pays for unique downloads of your files (download from one ip once in a day).
On Turbobit you get the possibility to create your own fully-equipped file sharing system using Turbobit as the base hosting. It will be your file hosting with its own design and own domain name. Turbobit will take care of all the technical aspects (footprint, server loads, technical facilities, user scripts billing etc.). So, working in such scheme, you can earn:
– up to 10% of Turbo access value for every purchase on your files, uploaded through your file hosting;
– up to 20% of earnings from users, downloading files through your file hosting. This money will be paid from the Turbobit earnings.
By the way, webmasters have one more earning possibility with Turbobit. If users of your site will publish their posts with links to Turbobit on your site or blog, so you will earn up to 10% of the Turbo access value for each purchase on the reference transition from your website.
So, as you can see Turbobit gives its partners may possibilities for online earning money. I already use Turbobit during the last 7 months and have to say that Turbobit is quite a reliable file hosting with good payouts.
I’d like to say a couple of words about other features of Turbobit. So, how long does the turbobit server keep your files? So:
– for registered users, storage time will be automatically added – 30 days starting from the moment of last file download;
– for Turbo users, storage time will be automatically added – 60 days starting from the moment of last file download.
You can upload on Turbobit hosting files with a size up to 100 Gb.
So, the important moment of each paying file hosting is payouts. You can receive your earning from Turbobit through Paypal or Webmoney payment systems. Turbobit makes payouts through PayPal once per 2 weeks after payment request and through WebMoney once per 3-4 days after payment request. The payment currency on Turbobit is USD. The payable minimum is only 10 USD.
Link for registration on Turbobit is located in the right column on this page or simply click on the banner in this post.

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