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File host Up-file is quite new service. It was created only in 2009. But now Up-file increase his turnover. From the start of his work, file hosting Up-file paid up to 40 dollars for 1000 downloads, depending on quality of traffic. Quality of traffic means the ratio between of purchases of Premium Account to the amount of free downloads. For example, each 150th user, who downloads your files, purchases Premium Account, so file hosting pays you $7.5 for 1000 unique downloads of your files. If each 50th user, who downloads your files, purchase Premium Account, so file hosting pays you $20 for 1000 unique downloads of your files. Up-file paid only for files with size not less than 1 Mb. Such payment scheme worked till 11/09/2009.

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But from the 9th of November 2009 Up-file changed payment scheme. They start to pay absolutely all downloads of your files, but they have a little, but essential condition! “Absolutely all download” from those countries the users of which during every separately taken day bought a gold account on Up-file. The list of paid and unpaid countries changes daily.
Besides this, your earning on filehost Up-file depends on the range in which your file is. All groups or ranges are based on the size of files. There such groups: 0 Mb – 1mb; 1mb – 10 Mb; 10mb – 100 Mb; 100mb – 500 Mb; 500mb – 2000 Mb and group with files more than 2000 Mb. The files of every group are also analyzed on the amount of sales of Gold accounts. So, more sales are on the separately taken group, more money you earn for the file from such group. All earnings are processed by the system of Up-file automatically, in accordance with participating of every poster in the separately taken group of files depending on size.
Attention!!! Now you can earn money from sharing files less than 1 Mb! Also the big plus of the new scheme – you get money from all unfinished downloads of your files in accordance with how much were downloaded. Other file hostings don’t pay for unfinished downloads. Minus of such a scheme is that you can’t plan your earning because of daily changes in rates. All calculations of rates are processed by the Up-file. Each day Up-file defined for what countries to pay and how much for different file groups to pay. By the way, final day earnings for current day Up-file calculates at the end of the day. So, don’t try to pay out the sum more than you see in your stats before brackets. With such payment scheme my earnings increased through last week in 5 times!
By the way, for an example, the rates of Up-file at the end of yesterday are 0mb-1mb – $ 1.5; 1mb-10mb – $ 6; 10mb-100 Mb – $ 9; 100mb-500mb – $ 12.5; 500mb-2000mb – $ 16; for files more than 2000 Mb – $ 27.5.
Up-file has remote and FTP upload. You can use for remote upload links from Rapidshare and Letitbit. If the file size more when 250 MB, the file will automatically be split into parts. To increase earnings on filehost and to receive good rate for downloads of your files you should upload big and popular files on Up-file. If you do it, so you can earn here quite well.
The minimum payout from Up-file is only $5 for Webmoney purses and $15 for Paypal purses. They pay through Webmoney, Paypal, Epassporte. Didn’t see still any ban in the web on this file hosting.

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