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Hi, my dear readers. Sorry for such a long absence. Last my post was dedicated to paying filehosts in September. But in such a review, I can only give 2-3 sentences about each service. From today I’m going to write and post small reviews in separate posts for each service.

review of Ryushare for register

So, today I’d like to present a small review of Ryushare. It’s quite a new vietnamian filehost. This sharing service pay only for sales of premium membership. From June till August, they have big problems with payouts because of Paypal which limited their account. Now, they solved this problem successfully. So, you may try to work with them. To register on Ryushare you should simply click on the filehost banner under the title.
What can affiliates earn on Ryushare? As I wrote earlier, they pay for premium sales. Except for sales, they pay for rebills. From each premium membership sale, you’ll receive 60% and, of course, you’ll receive 60% from each rebill. The cheapest monthly premium costs €9,96, and the most expensive is Ryushare 365 days premium for €59,96.
If you have your own site (blog or forum), then you may earn an additional 5% from each sale as a webmaster. So, if you make sales on your own site, you may earn with Ryushare 65% from each premium. Don’t forget, that you should add and verify your site address in your Ryushare account profile.
How to receive payouts from Ryushare? First of all, you should earn at least €20 (about $26), then you should make a request for money. If this is your first payout then you have to wait 15-20 days. For further payouts, this time delay will be shorter, about 10-15 days. For payouts from Ruyshare, you may use Payza (Alertpay), Webmoney (only WMZ or WME pursue), Paypal or VietComBank (it seems that the last way is only for natives).
File uploading is possible in 3 ways: browser upload (max size 402 Mb), remote upload, and FTP upload.

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Warning to all. Do NOT go for Ryushare. They are a scam company. They say you will get unlimited service for premium, but they will not honor that. They actually limit your downloads more and more. DO NOT go for this file sharing service. There are others out there which do not falsely advertise their service.

You have been warned.

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