Middle age filehosts (5-10 months)


Today I’d like to post a small review of sharing services that were created in the first half of 2020. During these times they had some overcoming difficulties, but they still pay regularly.
1. Filemates – filehost from Greece. Despite all the difficulties (fight with adultking) it continues to work steadily, has a wide set of payment providers.
2. Ryushare – Vietnamese sharing service. Allowed on top adult boards and quite popular among users. Unfortunately, at this moment it has difficulties with billings (now, they use billing, which is not providing the USA and generally not very popular). But they make payouts regularly with small delays.
3. Luckyshare – after the second case of a long delay in payouts, it rehabilitated and started again to pay regularly. Hooked up some good billing services. Approved at many major resources. Quite popular. How long will last the stability at this time? Only time will show.
4. Novafile – filehost with hidden affiliate program. Some posters think that it’s a new project from Oron owners. But, adult files are officially forbidden there. It’s good for using your own resources.
5. Lumfile – another Vietnamese sharing. It has weekly payments, card payments are received, but Lumfile has a lot of technical problems, which cause a negative attitude of affiliates. High popularity, it’s allowed on many major boards. Here is one of the main goals for attacks from copyright owners.
6. Filegag – during a long time it was in crisis, then they moved on to the working scheme without premium sales and now return to the classic filehost scheme. Now it pays regularly, but, unfortunately, it’s not perspective.
7. Filestay – file-sharing project from Chinese owners, which is oriented to the west users. Has weekly payments. It’s almost nowhere allowed, so, you may use it mainly for your own sites.
8. Livefile – file-sharing has an affiliate program with a invite registrations only for your own sites. They pay regularly.
9. Exclusivefaile – despite an epic mistake in the domain name, they work not bad. However, this fileshost is suitable mainly from runet (Russian sites).
10. Easybytes – pays via Webmoney every 10-14 days. They offer remote upload from popular filehosts such as rapidgator, ul.to, filefactory, bitshare and Depositfiles. If you have your own sites then you may receive special conditions with increased rates. FTP works well.
11. Speedshare – quite new, pays to Paypal. They pay only for downloads. Payouts are twice in a month. If your files get too many abuses then you should prepare to account ban.
12. Filenuke – another reincarnation of former KingUpload. All their projects are similar to financial pyramids – the first posters “had time to ship” and get paid, then Paypal will ban the filehost account and after a short time it will be closed by owners and new service will be opened. This project is already sinking, but maybe (not yet tested!) – here the following project from the Uploking.com. However, they use another script, so it is difficult to say what can be.

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