LumFile – second files host from Vietnam


Today I continue my files hosts small reviews. Our today hero is LumFile, a very young service from Vietnam. As we see, vietnamians use the current situation and take their market share. Yesterday, I’ve made review of Ryushare, another fileshost from this small Asian country. And, now Lumfile. First of all, I recommend you to register at this file host. Even, if you’re not going to work with them now, you should register your account there. Why? They announced that affiliate registration will be closed from the 1st of November. So, you’ll have to register lumfile account for potential future earning.

lumfile registration link

Ok, I hope, that you’ve registered there successfully. So, what can Lumfile offer for their affiliates?
First of all, I’m going to tell about earning possibilities. With them you may only earn from premium sales and rebills. For every premium sale Lumfile will pay 50% and for every rebill they will pay also 50%. If you have a site for posting links, then you should register it in your Lumfile profile. From every sale, which will be generated via links from your site, you (as site owner) will get 5%. So, if you post lumfile links at your site then you may earn 55% from each sale. In the future they plan to restore pay per download plan for affiliates.
What about payouts? They pay 2 times a month. Minimal payout is $20. If you order payout from 1-15, then you receive money in your purse at the 22nd. If you order from 16 till 31, then money will be transferred to your purse at the 7th. You may use Webmoney, AlertPay(PayZa), Liberty Reserve or Paypal for receiving your money. From 11/01/2012 they will send payouts every week.
What about working conditions? You may upload your files through FTP, Remote, Flash Upload or File Manager. Upload speed varies from 40Mb/s for us location to 1-10Mb/s for EU location. They allow downloads from every country. Free users may download with 150kb/s speed files which have max 1Gb file size. Each affiliate can get a free upgrade for 1 month premium. You should simply request it after registration. Pro uploader (from 20 sales/day) may get at Lumfile good special rates and conditions: separate server upload, premium files settings, special file size limit, lifetime premium, strong VPS full admin permission.
So, it’s quite an interesting host. Hurry to register your account!

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