Invites for torrents(trackers)


Most beginners, who started to earn on files sharing, first of all, should understand where to get files for posting. From the start, I always recommend to look at top of popular news on well-known sites and forums, download this files and use for posting. But such work practice is suitable only for the beginning of your way in files sharing. When you’ve already got some experience, it’s better to take materials(files for earning) which are offered for downloading on torrent (tracker). If you surely wish to be aware of new files (films, games, xxx, software, music), which are posted on a torrent, then you must register on torrent. There you can easily download good content, which may generate quite good cash flow for you. But, of course, there are some important nuances. The main is that many best torrents are closed for a free registration.

Invites for torrents(trackers)

Although the content from such torrents very often are exclusive. To register on such torrent you should get an invite from an existing member of torrent. If you can’t get such invite in a free way, then you can buy it through the Internet or using my help. But, very often people want to get crazy money for giving such tracker invite. I’ve decided to offer you for sale some invites for popular closed torrent(tracker) for attractive prices: $ 15
It’s one of the best trackers with TV serials. 35$
The most difficult for access. offers for downloading the great number of different books and other stuff. 40$
One of the best trackers. is dedicated to different videoclips. It has great collections of clips! 48$
The best music tracker in trance, house and other electronic music genres. It is very difficult to get access.

DB9 ( 38$
DB9 ( is very elite, hard-accessable music tracker. It has great collection of DnB, dub step, techno music. 15$
Excellent music tracker with great collection of fresh music in such styles as techno, house, trance, pop and other. 15$
Excellent music tracker with great collection of fresh music in such styles as techno, house, trance, pop and other. (GFT): only $ 20!
It’s one of the best scene trackers. GFT is a ratio-free tracker (rating is not considered).
SCC and GFT are two of the fastest trackers in publishing new content.
Every day the huge number of xxx files are added on the GFT pages! (SCC) – $ 35

Another best scene tracker like the GFT. SCC has a higher speed than Torentlich and Revolution. (cats) – $ 25
CATs is the best tracker for games posting and sharing. – $ 17
It’s an excellent tracker with rare and very rare movies which you have been looking in the Internet but could not find. On cinematic there are many films that can not be found on other similar trackers. – $ 15
It’s the best tracker (like TT) for fans of trance. – $ 20
It has great scenes with fast pre-time. New files are appeared on scenexpress so soon as on the Revolution. – $ 15
It’s one of the best music trackers. On waffles you can find many music of different genres. – $ 15
Another good music trackers. Vipmusic offers for downloading many different music in all directions. – $ 20 is the closed porno tracker. You can download from different porn movies, porn clips, erotic magazines and wallpapers. Very often games are posted here sooner than on other trackers. – $ 20
Revolutiontt is the “all in one” tracker. You can download from revolutiontt new movies. Very often games are posted here sooner than on other trackers. – $ 20
Torrentleech is another “all in one” service. You can find here new movies, new games. – $ 15
Digitalhive is a good scene tracker similar to “all in one” services. Good for xxx content. – $ 20
One of the best source different DVD and HD content. 26 $ is the best tracker for downloading different animation and cartoons. – $ 15
Killawaves is quite a good music tracker. You may download from killawaves Drum and Bass (DnB), Oldskool, Jungle, Ambient, Techno, Garage and Dubstep music. – $ 15
Big collection of HD content(BD720/1080, Blue-ray). – $ 10
It’s the russian language tracker. They share new movies. – 7 $
It’s the best Ukrainian tracker like “all in one” services. – $ 10
It’s “all in one” tracker. On iptorrents people posted new movies, new games, different music. Iptorrents is a little worse than revolutiontt and torrentleech. By the way, here you can find a good selection of different software. – $ 15
Bibliotik is the best tracker for downloading audiobooks and usual PDF books. – $ 10
Thebox is a video tracker. I take here different sport video. – 6 $
Hdtracker is a russian-language tracker with different HD, Blue-ray files. – $10
Russian-language tracker. The main content is game with cracks. – $ 10
Peers is another russian-language tracker which specializes in software and databases.

Forumophilia – $15
XXX forum. One of the biggest in the net.

Also at your request I can find and offer(if it’s possible) invites to other trackers, not mentioned in this list. Request for tracker invites with your email you need to leave at comments to this article.
By the way, my offer will also be interesting for those who are just looking for where to download new movies, new games, new software…
Buy tracker invites while they’re available!

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hi any invites for these please



I also want a db9 invite message me if u got any going


Iwant to buy an invite, invite can I pay now and get it sorted. How do I go about paying you, can I pay pal you and send as a gift. I dont really want to purchase other accounts just to pay you.

Get in touch with me m8 asap.


only Moneybookers or Webmoney

desperate fora db9 invite. if one becomes available please let me know. thanks

hello mike
db9 invite available ?


Hello ! Need invite to

I’ve sent you info

hi i need an invite to please what do i need to do?

don’t have now :(

this is a bullshit you can get invite for free and the price here is ridiculous+ypu may get banned:s

well, I do not force to buy invite. All, who can get it for free, do it. But, if you’ve read my post attentionally, you could observe that I offer invites only for trackers that closed to free registration.

Correction I got Money bookers that’s cool right? I’ll also buy other invites if this goes well.

working scheme is next:
1) you transfer money for invite
2) i send you invite
3) if you have any doubts so try to find other variants in the net

OK I’ll get web money can you give me a deal for DB9?
how do i know I’ll get the invite?

I want a db9 invite mate. Can you give me a deal I’m a bit hard up for cash right now. I only have pay-pal right now but im sure that wont be a problem to fix

sorry, but I can receive payment only through Moneybookers or Webmoney

i need account
can i use webmoney to sent $ to you?

yes, you can.
I sent to you box all information.

how can I contact you on msn?

check your mail. I’ve written there.

I will try only with GFT. No offense but i still don’t trust you, so if GFT deal ends good, we’ll business. I will must open Monebookers , so i’ll pay you in 2-3 days.
Ok with that?



Hello Mike, i would like to have invite to GFT and PTN.

I wrote all information to your mailbox.
Check it!

HI MIKE,I want to buy a invite code of Forumophilia,could you give me some details about how to buy that?I have a webmoney account.THANK YOU!

I’ve sent all details to your mailbox

I will take gft. Where should i send?

I wrote you all purchasing details on your email.
after money transfer I’ll send your invite.
By the way, if you’re from Romania, I can’t give you invite, because GFT bans all user with Romania IP.

I’m interested in Do you know if they have a huge ban list on the adult material like empornium and cheggit do? Or do you know of a better side for adult material?

didn’t listen about such ban kist on thegft…
as for me sceneaccess has more adult content than thegft


Would you trade a (Romanian TV torrent tracker) for a forumophilia invite?

I’m sorry, but I don’t need freshon.

Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure. open and without registration.

thanks for tip

I have sand you the money.
You can send me the details here on this email.

I’ve sent you your invite!
Good luck!

Thanks for the info

It’s not bed to make upload to letitbit,
because I have tried to make upload from letitbit to hotfile
and it’s works.

The only problem is I must to make letitbitaccount and
the upload time is longer.

If you think another tracker is better for hotfile upload I will
take from you another invitation .

I have observed that 90 % from all the new sheerings are hotfile and fileserve.

Ok I wait for your answer an I will decide which tracker I choose.


Even don’t know what to say about hotfile. I don’t use remote upload from tracker to hotfile. On letitbit they have special page for upload from trackers. With hotfile I don’t see such possibility.

I have Moneybookers it’s no problem,
but can you give me some info, because I cannot reach these information from the site.
– accept download from Romania?
– can you directly upload to hotfile?
– download are limited?

I didn’t try to use remote upload to hotfile. upload to letitbit was ok.
Downloads from Russia and Ukraine were ok. yes, as on every tracker you should give something on thegft also. it’s not allowed only to download.
but if you need more answers then try to to use www (thegft irc).

how to get invite to

you should pay for invite via Moneybookers or Webmoney… after that I’ll send you your invite…

hi i got moneybookers acaunt how to pay you for tapochek invite i need your details.thx

see in your mail box

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

eera23452 @”
is this email ok?

i sent you login and password

are you accepting paypal?

sorry, no paypal…

hi how transfer money for invite

via moneybookers or webmoney…. what way is suitable for you?

how to get invite to

see the price.
you should transfer money and after that you’ll get invite

I have some invites for forumophilia and may send it to you. But it’s not free.
You can get your forumophilia invite in three ways:
1) buy it for only $15
2) if you are already my referal on hotfile, depositfiles, uploading, letitbit, filesonic or fileserve and you’ve earned at least $150 on your account, so you can get forumophilia invite for free
3) if you’re not my referal and you don’t have $150, so I can give you next possibility to get this invite. You should post feedbacks about this blog with dofollow link to it on at least 30 sites or forums with PR not less 1. This feedbacks must at least 3 sentences. After that you should write to me with list of these feedbacks, I’ll check it and, if all will be ok, I’ll give you invite absolutely FREE. It’s quite easy task as for me.

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