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Yesterday Filesonic announced new tariff plan E. They called it Half & Half. It’s quite a strange name as for me. But, the main is not the name, the main is what is inside of this Filesonic tariff plan.
If you’ve already worked with filesonic when it was Sharingmatrix, so you must remember why posters and webmasters chose Sharingmatrix for earning on files sharing two years ago. If not, I’ll try to explain. In 2009, Sharingmatrix offered only one tariff plan, but in that plan they paid for all downloads and premium sales. People liked it, because other files hosts paid only for downloads or only for premium sales without any mix.
But about a year ago, when Filesonic appeared, the Sharinmatrix tariff plan was changed. Instead of one old plan file host affiliates received the possibility to choose between some Filesonic plans. But in those new Filesonic tariff plans you could earn only on downloads or only on sales. Of course, payment rates were higher than they were in the old plan, but any plan didn’t offer a mix scheme for working and earning (downloads & premium sales).

Half & Half from Filesonic

Now, meet it. Half & Half is a new plan with mixed payment for downloads and premium sales! With Half & Half from Filesonic you can earn on downloads of your files and Filesonic premium sales, if somebody will buy premium account through your download link.
The bad news is that in Half & Half your download payment rate will be only 50% from the base payment rate. So, all your downloads will be paid by rates from $0.5 to $17.5 per 1000. But it’s quite high. Well, if you will decide to earn on Half & Half you should know that in this plan you need to choose one of two possible sub-plan:
1) A: you will earn up to $17.5 per 1000 downloads + 30% for every premium sale you bring in!
2) B: you will earn up to $17.5 per 1000 downloads + $5 for every Premium Sale you bring in, regardless of its price!
So, what sub-plan will be more profitable for you, you should choose by yourself, because it mainly depends on your work statistics. But, I’m sure, that you should try to work with this new plan. See, if you have big number of downloads and rare premium sales, then with Filesonic Half & Half you could earn stabily on downloads and sometimes, if you have the premium sale, you earn additional 30% from it or $5. For example, if it will be purchase lifetime premium then you will earn $44.70 and additionally all your downloads will be paid.
Of course, if you have enough premium sales, then you don’t need Filesonic Half & Half, but if not, you should try it. Also, if you are a beginner on Filesonic or you are looking for a good change for your current files hosts, then you must try Filesonic Half & Half. Register on Filesonic and earn good money with Half&Half:

Register on Filesonic Half & Half

By the way, I’d like to remember you, that Filesonic pays and counts multiple downloads of free users from the same IP address. They even count downloads from premium users and pay for them. If you wish to change your current Filesonik plan, then you may do it only once per week in your Filesonic settings page.

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