Forex contest MoneyFall from ForexMart


ForexMart company invites you to take part in weekly contests “MoneyFall” conducting medium Demo accounts. The prize fund is 2000 EUR! It’s a real prize money in free demo contest!

forexmart demo contest

If you’ll become one of the winner in this free contest for forex traders then you may get for the:
1st place – 650 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 300 EUR
4th place – 200 EUR
5th place – 100 EUR

ForexMart holds this forex contest every week from Monday 00:00 to Friday 23:59:59 (terminal on time). Registration begins for 1 week and ends 1 hour before the start of the contest. Results of the MoneyFall contest you can find on the following day, namely on Saturday at 12:00 GMT +3.

The main conditions of the Forexmart contest MoneyFall:

1. By registering in the contest, the participant gets access to the ForexMart demo account
2. 5000 EUR – fixed initial deposit
3. By default, the forexmart leverage is 1:500
4. Broker does not limit the use of advisers, as well as the choice of a trading strategy
5. The competition is only the major currency pairs and cross rates
7. The minimum transaction volume is 0.01 lot and maximal – 1 lot.
8. The stop-out level is 10%.

Announcement of the winners of the MoneyFall contest:

1. In the end of the forex competition all transactions closed at current prices automatically
2. Participants with the highest balances are declared winners
3. Within 30 days after the publication of the results the winners have to open and verify the real trading account, which will be credited by the prize money.

Forex Mart wishes you good luck, register and win!

Link to Contest page:

Comments (116)

Every notifications sent by ForexMart seems very essential as I’m not capable to check my trades routinely. This allows me to acquire positive insights regarding the ongoing status of my accounts and all.

It is a winsome experience trading in forex via ForexMart because they taught me creating a demo account with a balance as large as 500,000 USD while serving h real time market quotes. It is worth it being part of this broker!

I earn additional profit through forex trading on a monthly basis. ForexMart is my broker and they have been a wonderful trading partner. I like how simple and consistently good are their withdrawal system. They also keep on improving and adding more services as I’ve noticed in the past few months.

Initially with the volume that I was trading, I had a worry that they would not be able to handle it. However, they proved me wrong and I have been very impressed with that. The deposit and withdrawal process has been smooth.Good job ForexMart.

I have been subscribing with ForexMart’s copy trade feature and it works fast and excellent. I just checked my recent trade and I was able to gain profit as soon as the member copied gained some.

In my opinion, the economic news featured by ForexMart, which can be seen at the Tools section of their website, is really significant for it helped me to be updated regarding the most current events within the financial market, thus, it also influence my trades.

I like that this broker doesn’t profit from traders’ losses.

The MT4 trading platform was easy to utilize and oversee my account since all essential are already provided. I just have to download it and I can place trades freely anytime. It works well and orders are positioned on time.

I am constantly basing my trading decisions on ForexMart’s economic news and analytical reviews, since these give me a clear view on what to expect during trading days.

Hi! I am an official representative of ForexMart. We want to extend our services to you. Any comments, feedback or queries will be answered here promptly. Thank you!

I got the 6th place in the Moneyfall contests of ForexMart!!! Whereas, I gained additional 60USD in my trading account. You too guys can win, it’s truly enjoying.

As I have learned from my previous trades, I should always check my account every now and then in order to gain more and abate losses. Hence, it is a good choice that ForexMart provided the S/L option which functions automatically and stops my trade whenever necessary.

I started trading because I had free time in the evening so I thought why not to make some extra money apart my usual salary. So I chose Forexmart, as I read some positive reviews from many newbies. I didn’t have much knowledge of the economy and trading, that’s why I mostly banked on the manager’s advices. He advised me not to make risky operations at first. Now after 8 months of trading with FM I do very many kinds of operations and have my own strategy.

Not sure Forexmart is the best but maybe will try soon. I am having good luck with this broker at the moment, I like their platform, it’s easy to work with.

There are some things I like with Forexmart: very fast execution, low spreads, direct access within ECN. I registered about half a year ago. The results are not even – profit and loss both happened. But in general the trade is quite fair, transparent and convenient.

Analytical section from Forexmart is worth reading! It really helps to understand the market better.

No bugs or terminal hangs. Availability of the mobile platform makes it much more convenient to trade. From anywhere.

Well, my conclusions: qualitative execution, fast withdrawal, helpful support. My recommendations.

I don’t know about the rest traders, but personally I like Forexmart very much. Although I am unpretentious and it isn’t necessary for me to have any special conditions and bonuses.

This broker is fast and trustworthy. I really make money with Forexmart.

Trade with Forexmart for half a year already and I did not notice any large problems. Trade almost every day.

Everything is honest. Not fraud. Recommend.

This broker really has a lot of strong points. Firstly, the spreads – fixed and small. They are very good for trading on a sleepy market. Second, MT4 – a cool platform, the most adapted for modern computers, so the computer does not hang, as it happened before. Finally, money are withdrawn and always fast enough.

The main advantages of ForexMart – a variety of ways of money deposits and withdrawals, trading on the ECN, bonuses and easy registration.

I wanna say Thanks to Forexmart for their good attitude to clients. Always help and explain every unclear moment.

Trading is not easy but I am glad that ForexMart is my borker because they patiently guided me with my trading when I started a month ago. Now, I can trade with less worries and gaining profit.

I was lucky enough because I got a chance to deal with this company. From the day I’ve transferred to them the results of my trades are usually profitable. Every time I needed to make some withdrawals, I don’t encounter any bad issue.

I have noticed that the corresponding regulating bodies of ForexMart are those well-known in the field of finance. This proves that ForexMart has maintained the maximum level of protection of our investments. Well done ForexMart.

Recommend this broker! Good trading conditions and bonuses.

ForexMart has really low margin requirements and tight spreads. I can now maximize my capital thanks to ForexMart.

I once had a query in the middle of the night and I wasn’t sure if ForexMart would be able to address my concern immediately, but I was surprised when they were able to answer immediately. This is one of the reasons why I trust ForexMart with my trades.

ForexMart helps me become a better trader by providing me with a repository of educational materials which I can refer to when it comes to making trading decisions.

ForexMart has really reliable customer service, and I can easily monitor my trades even when I’m out of the country.

I have been trading with ForexMart for over a year now and so far I haven’t encountered any problems with this broker. Tight spreads, low margin requirements, they really make sure that trades are well-executed.

I experienced a wee bit of trouble on my executions and I admit it was my fault but this broker fixed it right away. Their service is very efficient. It is great in dealing with ForexMart.

I don’t regret trading with ForexMart becasue of their broad services and reliable customer suupport. It’s great that I found them. I’ve been looking for a good broker for quite some time.

ForexMart has helped me to get better in Forex Trading as they provide tools to guide me. Also,after trading for some time with continued support from them, I became more strategic in positioning my money.

I check the platform at different times a day and it works well. I haven’t encountered any problem with my account.

I was able to trade in large volumes in ForexMart without any problems. They are commted and efficient to trading.

The trading platform of ForexMart works perfectly with my PC and it was easy to use. I can understand movement of the trends everytime I trade.

Forexmart offers a lot of opportunities to trade bigger positions in trading forex. They give a lot of bonuses and high leverage. I will keep on trading with them.

I check the tools such as calendar which is free of use in ForexMart. This help me decide on how will I trade at that time.

I withdrawn my profits in forex trading and got it as soon as I have submitted the required documents. The steps to withdraw are easy and transparent.

I decided to trade full time and leave my job because ForexMart assured me that I can earn sufficiently through trading with them. Yes! I can’t believe I have doubled my earnings compared on the salary I get on my previous job. Thank you ForexMart.

ForexMart’s customer support is available any time of the day, so even if I inquire in the middle of the night I get an answer almost immediately.

I waited for a long time for my no deposit bonus but with the good explanations of customer support and consistent follow-up I got it already and starting to trade. I hope it will last for a long run and I will never regret to choose them as my new broker.

I became interested in trading with the commodities three months ago and ForexMart is the best company that can handle my investments since they provided quotes and charts so as to enhance my skills in trading.I salute you ForexMart!

I am always appeased to the services provided by ForexMart. I enjoyed the the course of my career in trading accompanied with them because they help me in avoiding pressured losses as much as possible.

I was once a dupe of those fraud brokers and I do not want to suffer losses again, so I stick with ForexMart, they made me feel comfortable about my trading activities.

ForexMart’s trading platform always runs smoothly, and is very easy to use. I also like that they have demo platforms for newbies still working their way through forex trading.

I like how ForexMart allows me to trade even when I’m out of the country. I can easily make transactions wherever I am.

ForexMart makes sure that its new traders learn how to trade effectively by way of its tutorial services and customer service which are easy to access and very reliable.

This broker, forexmart is very convenient to me since they have no minimum deposit amount for new traders. They allowed newbie traders to customize their margins according to their preference.

This broker is very convenient for me since they have no minimum deposit amount for new traders. They allowed their traders to customize their margins according to their preference.

Unlike with other broker’s website that contain too many irrelevant ads and pop-ups, the website of ForexMart is systematically framed and error-free. This is a great help for me in order to avoid committing mistake while trading because their website is not annoying and confusing

I like how ForexMart is very straightforward when it comes to their transactions. This is why I only trust ForexMart when it comes to my trading needs.

I can not say anything bad. Of course, there are problems, but they have all brokers. So the company is pretty good, given its focus on customers and INSTANT withdrawal.

They give me a mini-bonus in 10$! Thanks!

When the day came that I made up my mind to start participating in the Forex market, I suppose that it will be difficult for someone like me. From the very beginning I already accepted the fact that it is inevitable to suffer from major losses. But ForexMart helped me to change the way I think about forex trading, I opened an account and experienced to have a healthy margin level. Thanks to ForexMart!

I never thought I could find an excellent broker as ForexMart does. This company is very valiant, they provides exemplary customer service and stress-free rules plus the withdrawal system is proven fast and instant.

Deze makelaar is onmiskenbaar de enige makelaar ik vertrouw. Ik ben één van de cliënten ForexMart voor meer dan een jaar en ik heb nog niet ondervonden geen problemen met mijn transacties.

Ik ervoer technische kwestie maar een keer helemaal door mijn handel carrière bij ForexMart maar deze geweldige broker meteen een goede oplossing voor de kwestie gesteld. Deze makelaar indruk op mij zo veel!

Ik denk dat alle makelaars tegenkomen probleem, maar het is afhankelijk van hoe ze tegemoet te komen alle klanten zorgen. Maar voor deze no deposit bonus is goed. Ik ervaar enige moeite op het eerste. Maar later met de hulp van ForexMart Customer service support, zijn mijn zorgen meteen op te lossen. Daarom zou ik kunnen zeggen dat ze een geweldige service.

The registration requirements are few. $1 for a minimum deposit and it states the client funds are separated from assets which is good. I have been trading for a week and they have what what I need so I am satisfied.

No one except ForexMart who convinced me to engage in the trading market. This company guided and taught me how to gain a financial benefit. And I was surprised to the fact that I never heard anyone from their clients to complain about having major losses neither I. That’s why I decided to have a partnership with this company.

Ze geven zeer actieve ondersteuning en follow-up van mijn probleem om ervoor te zorgen dat ik ben tevreden. geschikt voor nieuwe en ervaren handelaar.

I opened an account with ForexMart and I am satisfied about their promise of good returns. Everything that is going on with my trading account is very well. This company is well-qualified to become a financial broker because they are not pretentious and does not cheat on their clients.

Ik beveel dit Broker vanwege hun zeer toegankelijke website en onderhouden dit is een goede makelaar die ik zoek.

Tot nu toe heb ik nooit problemen gehad met mijn ForexMart uit effectenrekening evenals in mijn opnames. De verwerking van mijn nieuwe rekening was zeer snel

They have a great Bonus for a trader like me. I wish that they continue good promo so we will enjoy trading with this broker. Aside from that they are really accommodating and politely response for my query when I miss some step in opening account. Hopefully they will remain and continue their good service.

Ik probeerde Forexmart en ze zijn een legit makelaars. Mijn financiële transactie met hen heeft geen verborgen kosten en transparant. Keep it up!

Margins are low as well as the initial deposit required. It makes it easier for me as a newbie to participate in trading since I worry less of the requirements, Then later, I received a 30% bonus which really helped me a lot.

ForexMart is a good broker. I really like how they deal with their clients. They are professional and patient with all my concerns.

Ik bijna minder dan’s een jaar gebruiker the van ForexMart , kon ik zeggen the dat hun the Customer the Service How it works Support Group is zijn echt goed. Omdat ik ervaar eens moeilijkheden in mijn bonus terug te trekken en ik weet niet the wat te doen. Daarom heb ik Besloten om Gericht aan hun groep support en ze onmiddellijk beantwoordde al mijn vragen en helpen me om mijn bonus te kunnen opnemen .

With In mijn 3 maanden de handel in deze to broker a Press the op the demo-account , ik geniet the van de the no the deposit bonus tot of ik mijn beslissing om een the Live-account te openen , omdat ik wist the dat mijn account veilig zijn en hun service, zijn goed gemaakt . Of Nu ben ik in 2 maanden de handel Press the op ForexMart in the Live-account en ik kijk ernaar uit the dat ze hun goede service, en promo is zal blijven voor hun klanten.

Like their bonuses, and they always have something new. ForexMart works really fast and they give information almost straight away.

I am a novice investor and I decided to stick with ForexMart to be my broker because this company provided me proper training for trading. This company impressed me so much because they are very cooperative every time I transact with them.

Ik had geen klacht tegen deze broker zo lang als ik kan genereert meer geld met behulp van hun betrouwbaar platform. hebben verhandeld op dat geeft me de prijs die ik klik meteen, geen wachttijden, geen manipulatie, geen deal bureau, de absolute een van de goede prijs die ik ooit in deze markt ontvangen.

I just love how ForexMart allows traders to transact anytime and anywhere. Even when I’m out of the country, ForexMart still makes sure that I am able to keep track of my trades with ease.

ForexMart has a great customer service. They replied on my mails immediately and after a couple of weeks I have received my cash withdrawal.

Everything is handy. I got no problem when I tried to use the platform of this company. It works perfectly for me.

De bonussen waren zeer behulpzaam, vooral hun no deposit bonus. Echt hielp me uit als ik ben bang om geld uit te werpen in het begin.

Just registered last week with this broker, so far so good. now i’ll try to apply for no deposit and let see if how much i can get. i just hope it can be use to trade.

Als een beginner handelaren, heb ik niet het gevoel geen zorgen te maken toen ik begon de handel in Forexmart. Omdat ik vertrouw mijn vriend en ze vertelde me dat ForexMart is zeer betrouwbaar en beleefd te helpen me als ik wat problemen ondervinden. ForexMart is goede makelaar en beproefde.

Great trading platform with polite customer support service. They are very interested in the success of its clients. They also offer educational tools for training and demo account to make familiar with the trading tools and it is free of charge.

Ik ben begonnen met $ 100 ongeveer een maand geleden toen ik verdiende winst uiteindelijk. Nu is mijn geld wordt verdubbeld en ik ben van plan op de handel te houden. Ik beveel deze broker … ze zijn CySec gereguleerd en hun customer support is goed.

I never been discourage to invest more money after losing some trades.I did use it to improve my trading skills. now i am in smooth sail with this broker.


I almost less than a year trader of ForexMart, I could say that their Customer Service Support Group are really good. Because I experience once difficulties in withdrawing my bonus and I don’t Know what to do. Therefore I decided to addressed it to their support group and they immediately answered all my queries and help me to withdraw my bonus.

Ik bijna minder dan een jaar handelaar van ForexMart, kon ik zeggen dat hun Customer Service Support Group zijn echt goed. Omdat ik ervaar eens moeilijkheden in mijn bonus terug te trekken en ik weet niet wat te doen. Daarom heb ik besloten om gericht aan hun support groep en ze onmiddellijk beantwoordde al mijn vragen en helpen me om mijn bonus te kunnen opnemen.

In the starting i was a bit confused about investing with them but i made my investments with crossed figures and now they have given me full satisfaction with their services and support

Ik heb niets om over deze makelaar klagen omdat ze me altijd geholpen. Hoewel, er zijn tijden dat de customer support me nooit in detail beantwoord, maar toch heb ik waardeer hun hulp.

Leur compte démo a un double but que vous pouvez gagner à travers leur argent automne concours et dans le même temps que vous pratiquez avant d’aller à un trade.This en direct est une approche de génie.

Veel handelaren zijn bang in het invoeren van een bepaalde makelaar speciaal wanneer ze lezen van enkele negatieve recensies, net als ik vroeger. Ik ben bang om een vak te houden alvorens te openen, totdat ik ontdekte dit broker Forexmart, het aanbieden van hun no deposit bonus. Toen besloot ik om het te proberen voor mij om niet alleen krijgen de bonus, maar nog steeds aan mijn angst te overwinnen. Zoals ik al zei dat we niet weten of we niet te proberen. Niet alleen geloven wat gelezen, maar probeer het en ervaar het in plaats daarvan, voor u om te weten of dit echt is of niet. Gewoon genieten van uw handel en alle promo aangeboden door verschillende makelaars. Maar voor mij? ForexMart heeft een goede promo “no deposit bonus” volg gewoon wat ze nodig hebben en begrijpen zorgvuldig de regels en de procedure dan zal uw bonus volgen.

I did use $40 bonus i received from them to start trading after 4 days it profit $30. today i’ll try my luck to get even more. i just hope i will.

Am încercat să găsească un broker bun, și am dat peste Forexmart. Nu eram sigur dacă acestea sunt companie de incredere sau nu, așa că am deschis un cont demo și după luni a deschis în cele din urmă cont in direct cu personalul them.Their sunt profesioniști și au cooperat pe deplin cu nevoile mele. Am fost de tranzacționare cu ei timp de mai multe luni si eu sunt destul de fericit cu ea.

In ForexMart I started my smooth trading and profited after registering and being verified by their cool and polite representatives. I have received my funds immediately.

What I like with Forexmart is I have a choice on what type of account. I tried all of their live accounts, even the demo account. My experience was all good. I had no problems in trading so far.

All spreads are fixed and tight and every time I have some concerns, ForexMart customer support are very politely address all my concerns.

As a beginner traders, I didn’t feel any worries when I started to trade in Forexmart. Because I trust my friend and she told me that ForexMart is very reliable and politely assist me when I encounter some difficulties. ForexMart is Good Broker and Tried and Tested.

They offer many possibilities for a trader. Their set of trading instruments is enormous. They also have almost no minimum deposit requirement, which helps a lot, when you’re a newbie like me. I’ve done some testing and now I’m confident to invest some more.

I started with a small capital and was able to trade competitively because of their high leverage. This broker have the highest leverage I have encountered so far.

Ein zuverlässiger Broker, ich genoss ihre Boni und in der Lage meine Gewinne zurückzuziehen quickly.I dachte, es nur vorne ist es, Kunden zu gewinnen, aber es ist echt.

Los borkers sensibles y satisfactorios deben recibir comentarios positivos con el fin de diferenciarles de las críticas dadas por los falsos traders Estoy aquí para demostrar que están equivocados, ForexMart me ha ayudado al trade ventajosamente. Solicité la retirada de mi beneficio y lo conseguí fácilmente

I have no problems with my withdrawal transaction. The processing was quick and easy which is my main concern in Forex Trading.

Voy a dar mi agradecimiento a ForexMart. Bono sin depósito se le ha dado y tengo el comercio suave que sé que va a prolongar debido a su buen servicio a sus comerciantes

La larga espera ha terminado Tengo mi bono sin depósito de $ 50 y voy a comenzar a operar, la esperanza de una relación comercial exitosa y larga con ForexMart.

Esperé mucho tiempo para obtener mi bono sin depósito, pero con las buenas explicaciones de la atención al cliente y un seguimiento constante, ya lo tengo y comencé a trabajar. Espero que dure por mucho tiempo y nunca me arrepentiré de elegirlos como mi nuevo broker.

Buena plataforma! Me gustan porque tienen buenos distribuidores en mi país, se puede hablar sobre el mercado y saben de lo que hablan. Voy a dar la máxima puntuación a este broker por proporcionar un buen servicio. Este es un hecho después de trabajar con ellos y muchos de mis amigos también recibieron sus beneficios a tiempo.

They provide accurate analysis and forecasts and their website is full of useful information about forex market, as well as excellent services

I contacted their customer support regarding my account and they respond promptly. They are courteous and answered my questions thoroughly.

Son fiables y transparentes en todos los servicios que proveen. El bono sin depósito es una gran oportunidad para comenzar a operar sin dinero! Lo solicite y sólo tuve que pasar la verificación.

No prblems now. i’ve been 10 months with this broker until now still getting good profit and even won once in their contest.

If you are looking for a secured and honest broker it is ForexMart because before you go to the proper trading you can try their demo and it is up to you if you can go on a live trading.

I do not know much about Forex. Just I wanted to try the demo version I liked

There was a problem. Contacted to support. They responded quickly. Thank you!

At first I tried a demo account. Disassemble long time, but finally went into a plus. I wish to take part in the competition.

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