Fileserve, filejungle, filesonic… Next to quit?


Well, main files hosts close their affiliate program, block USA IPs, delete files… Why? It seems, that their owner is scared by the MU case. But, is it really so serious? Yesterday, I’ve read some thinkings from the owner of a big file host, which is not going to stop working with affiliates. And, he thinks that owners of files host, which have already stopped affiliate programs, simply decided under the guise of a MU situation to deceive their partners and stole nonpaid money. Little later, they will open new file sharing services with other names and start to work again. Of course, it can be quite profitable for him. Because of:
– many people already have their premiums for quite long period (1 year and more). So, the file host premium level payment are quite lower when it was at start;
– top files hosts need to wait to see what will be with MU owners and what SOPA/PIPA (DMCA and others) will do with sharing services.
His interview was given in Russian, so I made its quick translation via google translator. Here it is, you can read:

“With regards to what is happening – it’s like a well-known Russian proverb: “one farted – all crapped”.
Many people do not understand the true and official reasons – why the feds closed megaupload – that 99% of their stupidly did not want to know. I can remember you about them:
1) Megaupload not respond to complaints. That did not react so stupidly. And really – who are the holders, and who we are – the coolest file sharing in the world and we fucked this DMCA.
2) In their correspondence were found a letters in which they discussed the business they did on warez.
3) They have created a site with video, bluntly copying all content from Youtube – that is, themselves engaged in piracy and violating the DMCA and EUCD.
4) Of course, they were arrested not for one minute. And do not associate them with SOPA and PIPA – I’m sure 98% of it – just a coincidence. The U.S. government had long sought cooperation with other countries to achieve the arrests of MU staff and servers. The case was being prepared for them a lot earlier.

filesonic down

how to change filesonic

fileserve down

change for filesonic

Now, interesting to speculate on the topic – how can one explain the fact that several big file hostings and video hostings after MU case suddenly shuted down affiliate programms or limited access for USA ips. I personally see one reason – they crapped. But!
There is one important BUT. After the fight, as you know, do not wave their fists. Criminal responsibility, I remind you, is applied at the time of the offense. That is, roughly speaking – if the owner has sent abuse to file sharing service, then hosting stupidly ignored abuse/ not deleted the file / send the fuck, and then copyright owner delivers documents to the court. Then the judge in his decision will not be guided by “But where did you get it? I visited the sharing site now – there no affiliate program, and even the file can not be downloaded”. He will be guided by the documents from the copyright owner fixed on a certain date, such a year (of course, attached notarized screen) was found a file that has the copyright owner, then was sent to abuse at the file sharing (attached screen of mail ) and even after 48 hours the file was not deleted (provided proof) that violates the DMCA and the judge returns a verdict (rightly, as it were) to take action.
Dear owners, turn on your brains. Hang the cover is all the same, that the convicted rapist in the bullpen hangs a sign on his chest, “I do not fuck foreign women, but only those with whom I live.”
If file sharing is working under the laws of DMCA, cooperating with copyright owners – it has nothing to fear.
If file sharing hung stub “We have nothing to do with it” – then it will not save him, if file sharing has already instituted some cases on administrative or criminal practices.
If file sharing is closed – it means sharing service has violated too many laws.
Again, for those who do not understand – to hang cap on service will not save the file sharing service from the current lawsuits, if any are. If not – then why they hang the cap on service?
With regards to the owners of these sharing services, I can say next. Well-well, crapped, so crapped. People, the next time, you should choose partners safer.
With regards to webmasters – I sincerely hope that you all get paid. I know what for posters mean the earnings from file sharing and that is quite difficult to lose one week or month of these earnings, especially when it’s a main source of income.
And for the future – do not store eggs in one basket. Are you poster? Create a site and post there. Even if they will close the forums for posting – your website will bring you money. Put ads from Adsense. Adsense banned you? Do not worry – you may put teasers. Diversify your sources of income. Find at least 3 sources of income (for example, at least 3 file hosts, or a bunch of your site + posting + ads on the site), or something like that. Then even the collapse of two of the three sources will not leave you with instant noodles to eat at some moment.
With regards to the owners of file hosts – I still sincerely hope they are not cheaters and understand the situation. In any case, I’m sorry to lose the competition of other file hosts – they are known to be the engine of progress in our market part.
Well, owners, you should pay to webmasters. At least, it will allow not to lose your reputation.”

So, I suppose, that in the nearest 5-6 months it will be quite difficult for file hosts to work under this pressure. But, as I read a couple of days ago, I’m not going to give up earning on file sharing. Simply, I have to change my preferable file hosts. Filesonic and Fileserve are down, so, at this moment, my main hosts for earning are Letitbit, Turbobit, Depositfiles and Filesmonster(Content-Cooperation). Among them, I guess, that Depositfiles could be not too stable with their affiliate program, but others seem quite reliable.
By the way, how much money were frozen at your Filesnoic balance before this Monday? As for me, I have there about $800. Shame on them! But, maybe, they will make the last payout, hah?

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They closed one, someone will open another. And in the end it’ll be like Pirate Bay: to build aerial server drones

I mean, the filesonic was great, but you can always move to Russia ;) :

Filepost closed his afiliate progrm too :/

thanks for your insight story, may i know which filehost he owns? i might as well switch to it.


I mentioned it in my list of filehosts for earning now…

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