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Last my post was dedicated to new files host Wupload, which could good competitor to Oron and Filesonic. After that post I received some messages from my blog subscribers and referrals with their suggestions about other ways for good change instead of Oron. Why Oron? If you’re working with Oron, than you may see that the last 2 months’ earnings from this file host became lower in 2-3 times. Last weeks many posters, which had in average 3-4 premium sales about 3 months ago, didn’t have any sales during some days.
From my experience, as you may see from my blog articles, I stopped active work with Oron from the end of 2010. But I didn’t delete my files from this files host, so these files continued Oron sales generating in this year. In average, I had not less 4 premium sales every week. But in September, as you remember today is already 15th, I have only 1 sale from Oron. Besides this, I may see that my referral’s earnings Oron decreased to almost $0 during last month. The top main problem is that Oron started to ban accounts with warez files without any warning and hold payouts for different reasons. So, because of this, many posters returned to Filesonic or tried new files host. One of them is Wupload. Yesterday my referral offered also to try Filepost instead of Oron. He even sent his September Filepost earning stats. So, let see what can Filepost offer to the posters? Could it become a real replacement instead of Oron?

earn on filepost

Well, first of all, about Filepost rates. Working with Filepost, you may earn from sales or from downloads. After Filepost registration you start to work on a pay-per-download scheme by default. To change it on pay-per-sale scheme you may only not earlier 1 week after registration or after your first payout. Why so? Filepost try to prevent itself from different fraudsters and cheaters, which use stolen card numbers or broken accounts. But if you’ve worked at other files hosts before Filepost registration, then you should simply write ticket to Filespost support. Don’t forget to attach screenshots of your stats from other files host. In such way, you can start earning on Filepost at PPS from the first day after registration. Or, you may wait one week and change on the PPS scheme bit later.

Filepost pay-per-download rates:

Rates for 1000 downloads

Size / Country* A B C D
1-50 MB 4$ 3$ 2$ 1$
51-100 MB 8$ 6$ 3$ 2$
101-250 MB 15$ 12$ 8$ 3$
251-450 MB 20$ 16$ 12$ 4$
451-1024 MB 25$ 20$ 15$ 5$
1025-2048 MB 30$ 24$ 18$ 6$
2049+ MB 35$ 28$ 22$ 7$
*Country groups

  • A United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany
  • B Australia, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Israel, Ireland, Austria, Finland, New Zealand, Japan, Poland
  • C Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kuwait, India, Croatia, Malaysia, Argentina, Greece, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, South Korea, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal, Chile, Latvia, Philippines, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Oman, Qatar, Russian Federation, Hungary
  • D All others

Every successfully completed download is calculated by Filespost. Not bad rates, as for me. They included in the high-rated countries more countries than other files hosts do. Rate system is usual. Your download rate depends on file size and user country. So, in average, I suggest that if you will post files not less 451 Mb (video, games, music, soft), then your rates will be $24-25 per 1000 downloads or even more.

What about Filepost pay-per-sale?

From each Filepost premium sale or Filepost rebill you will earn 60%. So, it’s very important that Filepost pays to posters for rebills. It was one important feature why posters loved Oron so much.
Besides PPS and PPD payment rates Filepost pays you if the premium was sold from your site. In such case, you may earn on Filepost additional 15% from each premium. By the way, it doesn’t matter if the download link will be yours or not! You will earn money from the premium for all and any links to FilePost files that can be found on your site. So, it is a great opportunity for the owners of file exchange sites, forums and blogs! Only you need is to join Filepost affiliate program, register there your site and add Filepost to the list of allowed files hosts at your site. By the way, other files hosts pay site owners only 5-10% from premium sales and nothing more.
So, if you will work with Filepost on PPS using your own site for posting. So, you may earn 75% from each premium sale or rebill. It’s a good change instead of Oron!
Additionally, you may earn, of course, 15-25% from your referral earnings.
To switch between pay-per-download and pay-per-sale at Filepost is very easy. You’ll be switched right on the next day once you switch the appropriate option inside your control panel.

What about Filepost payouts?

You may request your payout at any time after you have reached a minimum of $15 at your account balance. Filepost payout can be maid via Paypal, AlertPay or Webmoney. Filepost makes payout without delays after requesting.
Well, here is one more important thing. If you will try Filepost you should be careful about forums and sites rules about allowed files hosts. Filepost is a very young service, so it can be still not included in the allowed list at some sites. As I see, it’s not allowed at Philia and Suzy. But, as my referral wrote, the majority of sites allowed Filepost using. By the way, if you need big base of forums for posting, sorted on Alexa rank, so you can buy it at my blog.
One more thing else. This is my referal’s screenshot of Filepost earning stat:

Filepost pays for downloads, sales and rebills

As he says, he hasn’t still copied all his files from Oron. When he will do it, his Filepost earnings may grow significantly.
So, if you are still at Oron and you are angry because of current sales level and their banning policy then it’s the time to try something new: Wupload or Filepost. Links for registration you can find at the right column on this page.

register at Filepost

Good luck!

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