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Some months ago I needed to shorten some links for one of my sites. Earlier I used some services for URLs shortening, but I didn’t know that it’s possible to earn with such link shorteners. But, it’s really possible!
I found service for URL shortening which is called Ilix. Now, each month I get an additional $20-$30 with them. How it works? How can we earn with Ilix URL shortener? So, read below.

Make money on URL shortener Ilix

First of all, try to think about such fact. Every day in the Internet millions of links are posted through different social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other), through different bookmark services, through different sites and forums. Users, who posted such links, do not receive any rewards from such posting. Of course, you and me earn on such posting from downloads of our files. But with URL shortener service Ilix it’s possible to generate additional revenue for us. It only needs to shorten your links through the Ilix shortener and post it further where it’s allowed.
Of course, besides the money you get short URLs instead of long. You can shorten different types of your links: links to file hostings, links to picture hostings, links to different other resources. By the way, sometimes you need to post something like an affiliate link and you don’t want people to know what the URL is. Some of you, who earn on files hosts know that people click on download links very often, but do not download nothing. And it’s possible to make money from such empty clicks. On some of my sites I use screenshots of small size with a link to the image of large size. People click on image URLs very often too. Some of us has online diaries, journals, blogs, sites where sometimes we post links on interesting resources(services like Youtube and other) and our visitors click such links. From each such click we can earn with Ilix. In all these cases you need to enter your URL into iLix and your main link will be hidden from the clicker(visitor). When visitors click such link, iLix will forward(redirect) the user to the correct point. For example, you have such link:
Just type or paste this URL into the Ilix box for shortening and take instead the short URL which will forward users to the long one:
How much can you make with Ilix? It only depends on the number of such links, your traffic, users clicking such links. Ilix rates for such clicks vary from $0.50 to $5.00 for every 1000 Hits/Views. Ilix counts visits from any country of the world and counts all your hits. But for the hits to be counted, your user should view your actual page.
You may request payout from Ilix anytime when you’ve reached 1000 total hits, which is equal to $1.00 now. But this rate varies as I mentioned earlier. So, you should only reach 1000 hits. To see your stats, you should go to the Ilix member page. On the Ilix member page you can monitor, edit and delete any of your links.
Pay attention to that fact, that all hits at the time of verification for payout will be counted. What does it mean? For example, you reached 10,000 hits and you made the request for payment from Ilix account. If at the moment of checking by Ilix staff you reach 11,000 hits, so all these hits will be converted to cash which will be equivalent to $11 at this moment. After making a payout, your counter will be reset and start from 0 hits. It’s very simple as you see.
By the way, I’d like to give you a precious hint, when you are going to request payout, you should check Ilix convert rate. Why? Ilix rate varies very often. So, you may catch a good rate for your payout.
In Ilix rules were declared that Ilix payout takes about 1 week for processing after request. But, usually it is enough about 24 hours to receive my payout.
Ilix members can request their payments through Paypal or Moneybookers. So, I guess, that everybody has a suitable way of receiving a payout.
To start making money with Ilix you, firstly, need to register on service. Signup on the Ilix is free. So, click on this link and register. After registration you can start earning with Ilix.
See, some services don’t allow to post links from Ilix shortener. So, check it before.

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Is it Similar to Safe linking as i have heard about safe linking on Warez-bb. Does safe linking also pays like this one

I don’t know. I use only ilix

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