Invites for torrents(trackers)


Most beginners, who started to earn on files sharing, first of all, should understand where to get files for posting. From the start, I always recommend to look at top of popular news on well-known sites and forums, download this files and use for posting. But such work practice is suitable only for the beginning of your way in files sharing. When you’ve already got some experience, it’s better to take materials(files for earning) which are offered for downloading on torrent (tracker). If you surely wish to be aware of new files (films, games, xxx, software, music), which are posted on a torrent, then you must register on torrent. There you can easily download good content, which may generate quite good cash flow for you. But, of course, there are some important nuances. The main is that many best torrents are closed for a free registration.

Invites for torrents(trackers)

Although the content from such torrents very often are exclusive. To register on such torrent you should get an invite from an existing member of torrent. If you can’t get such invite in a free way, then you can buy it through Internet or using my help. But, very often people want to get crazy money for giving such tracker invite. I’ve decided to offer you for sale some invites for popular closed torrent(tracker) for attractive prices: $ 15
It’s one of the best trackers with TV serials. 35$
The most difficult for accessing. offers for downloading the great number of different books and other stuff. 40$
One of the best trackers. is dedicated to different videoclips. It has the great collections of clips! 48$
The best music tracker in trance, house and other electronic music genres. It is very difficult to get an access.

DB9 ( 38$
DB9 ( is very elite, hard-accessable music tracker. It has great collection of DnB, dub step, techno music. 15$
Excellent music tracker with great collection of fresh music in such styles as techno, house, trance, pop and other. 15$
Excellent music tracker with great collection of fresh music in such styles as techno, house, trance, pop and other. (GFT): only $ 20!
It’s one of the best scene trackers. GFT is a ratio-free tracker (rating is not considered).
SCC and GFT are two of the fastest trackers in publishing new contents.
Every day the huge number of xxx files are added on the GFT pages! (SCC) – $ 35

Another best scene tracker like the GFT. SCC has the higher speed than Torentlich and Revolution. (cats) – $ 25
CATs is the best tracker for games posting and sharing. – $ 17
It’s an excellent tracker with rare and very rare movies which you have been looking in Internet but could not find. On cinematic there are many films which can not be found on other similar trackers. – $ 15
It’s the best tracker (like TT) for fans of trance. – $ 20
It has the great scenes with fast pre-time. New files are appeared on scenexpress so soon as on the Revolution. – $ 15
It’s one of the best music trackers. On waffles you can find many music of different genres. – $ 15
Another good music trackers. Vipmusic offers for downloading many different music in all directions. – $ 20 is the closed porno tracker. You can download from different porn movies, porn clips, erotic magazines and wallpapers. Very often games are posted here sooner than on other trackers. – $ 20
Revolutiontt is the “all in one” tracker. You can download from revolutiontt new movies. Very often games are posted here sooner than on other trackers. – $ 20
Torrentleech is another “all in one” service. You can find here new movies, new games. – $ 15
Digitalhive is a good scene tracker similar to “all in one” services. Good for xxx content. – $ 20
One of the best source different DVD and HD content. 26 $ is the best tracker for downloading different animation and cartoons. – $ 15
Killawaves is quite good music tracker. You may download from killawaves Drum and Bass (DnB), Oldskool, Jungle, Ambient, Techno, Garage and Dubstep music. – $ 15
Big collection of HD content(BD720/1080, Blue-ray). – $ 10
It’s the russian language tracker. They share new movies. – 7 $
It’s the best Ukrainian tracker like “all in one” services. – $ 10
It’s “all in one” tracker. On iptorrents people posted new movies, new games, different music. Iptorrents is a little worser than revolutiontt and torrentleech. By the way, here you can find a good selection of different software. – $ 15
Bibliotik is the best tracker for downloading audiobooks and usual PDF books. – $ 10
Thebox is a video tracker. I take here different sport video. – 6 $
Hdtracker is a russian-language tracker with different HD, Blue-ray files. – $10
Russian-language tracker. The main content is game with cracks. – $ 10
Peers is another russian-language tracker which specializes in software and databases.

Forumophilia – $15
XXX forum. One of the biggest in the net.

Also at your request I can find and offer(if it’s possible) invites to other trackers, not mentioned in this list. Request for tracker invites with your email you need to leave at comments to this article.
By the way, my offer will also be interesting for those who are just looking for where to download new movies, new games, new software…
Buy tracker invites while they’re available!

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I also want a db9 invite message me if u got any going

only Moneybookers or Webmoney


Iwant to buy an invite, invite can I pay now and get it sorted. How do I go about paying you, can I pay pal you and send as a gift. I dont really want to purchase other accounts just to pay you.

Get in touch with me m8 asap.


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