Content-Cooperation registration


Well, today files host Content-Cooperation (aka Filemonster) opened free registration. A month ago they closed their affiliate program for new partners. Now, it’s open:

Content-Cooperation registration

If you still haven’t registered here, I must say, that it’s quite an interesting service or even unique. You may earn with them without your own files. They have a huge adult files catalog with descriptions and screenshots. You take there all you need and download link on this file with your ID. Then you post this link where you can. You may post it on your own sites or not on your forums and sites. From every premium sales you may earn up to 50%. And they pay for rebills.
You may create your own RSS feed from their catalog and upload it to your site or blog. For example, in such way I feed some of my adult sites with new content.
After successful registration you can’t be able to upload your own files to hosting. In the beginning, you may only earn on files from Content-cooperation catalog. But if you have your own site with no less 500 unique visitors or you generate through your site not less 5 premium sales during a month, then you may request via support opening an access to files uploading.
So, now you may try Content-Cooperation for earning.

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