Filesonic promo 2011


Hi, all!
in 2011 leading files hosts continue their service developing and affiliate program upgrading. First in this list is Filesonic. They have some great news. Great for me, but I hope that they will be great for you too. So, what Filesonic offers to all their partners in 2011?

Exciting holidays promo from Filesonic


Hey, great news for filesonic affiliates!
Filesonic announced new great promo to wish everybody a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

register in Filesonic Monster Holidays promo

They want to be the number 1 among leading files hosts. So, this promo is a new step on their way to top position. They called it MONSTER HOLIDAY PROMO. What is inside?

Some news from files hosts


I’d like to write about some news from files hosts.
First of all, Hotfile. They announced new Christmas contest with great Grand Prize “Exclusive premium account for 2 YEARS”! You may read all conditions of this contest and enter the contest on this page

Double payouts from Filesonic!


$5 Filesonic promo was not so long ago and this Friday Filesonic announced new exciting promo day for their affiliates.

double payout Promo from FileSonic

So, as files host Filesonic promised earlier, they continue their promo series. Try new Filesonic promo! What is under wraps? Well, first of all, new promo day on Filesonc will be the 14th of November 2010! What should we do? Nothing additional job! Only upload files and post links! After that you will need to send your request on promo bonus and take this bonus, which will be equal to your files host earnings in promo day.

New October Promo from FileSonic – get $5 for each premium!


Hi, people!
I’m very glad to inform you, if still do not know, that one of the best paying files hosts Filesonic(ex-Sharingmatrix) announced a new October Promo, which will be held October 30-31, 2010.

Fileserve – $25 per 1000 downloads!


Hi, all!
Today I want to tell you about file sharing service which is called Fileserve. Well, it’s already working about 6 months on the files hosts market. From the start of Fileserve, to be honest, I didn’t believe that they can work stably for a long time. But months have gone and Fileserve is live and works.

Invites for torrents(trackers)


Most beginners, who started to earn on files sharing, first of all, should understand where to get files for posting. From the start, I always recommend to look at top of popular news on well-known sites and forums, download this files and use for posting.

Why I can’t earn on files hosts?


Quite often I receive letters from people asking the question which was used today as a topic of my article. Why I can’t earn on files hosts? Why I can’t make money in Internet? Why I can’t earn enough online? These are different interpretations of the same issue. First of all, how much is enough for you?

Summer news from files hosts


files hosts interesting tips for earning Hi, people! Here was quite hot weather last weeks, so it’s not impossible to work or to write posts in my blog. Today, I’d like to write about news from some paying files hosts, which I use for moneymaking on files. So, let’s start!

Sorted XXX forum base for downloading


Hi, all!
Last time, I’ve received many requests from my readers and visitors of my blog about sharing with them my XXX forum base. I understand that many of you are only at the beginning of your way of online moneymaking and you need help. But at that time you should understand me.

Uploading improves affiliates conditions!


File hosting Uploading for a long period did not make any changes in their affiliate program. So, when other file hostings made changes in their affiliate conditions, organising different attractive promos, filehost Uploading keeps silence. But now Uploading’s administration announced some improvements in affiliate conditions. I think that I have to write a couple words about that.

Sharingmatrix new payment plans and July Super Promo for affiliates


Hope, that all of you, who already earn on Sharingmatrix(Filesonic), received the Sharingmatrix(Filesonic) letter with description of new payment plans of file hosting. But, if you didn’t get it or deleted it not reading, so I try to explain what changes were made.

Turbobit gives turbo earnings!


In my last post about “Turba from Letitbit” I mentioned such file hosting as Turbobit. So, today I’d like to share some information about Turbobit with you, my readers.

About new tariff Turba from Letitbit


So, the administration of file hosting Letitbit already understood that there is something wrong in their kingdom. The first ring of the bell of new changes is the launch of a new tariff Turba. From the name Turba everybody sees that it sounds very similar to the name of file hosting Turbobit. Turbobit is one of the main competitors of Letitbit on the market.

For sale: old Depositfiles account with rate $5/1000


Hi, people!
Not so long ago, I made an inventory of my accounts at paying file sharing services and discovered very interesting and still not used Depositfiles account. Of course, you ask me about what interesting in this Depositfiles account. Well, it was registered at the beginning of 2009. Some of you probably remember that in February 2009 file hosting Depositfiles made a fundamental changes in its tariff policy.