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Well, this week my stat page at Oron was already opened. As I see, they counted there all info: some premiums and refs. So, what about your stats?

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Hi. you said we can earn money with oron?
How do you do that?
I mean, I’ve just became oron’s members for like 2 months but saw nothing about that kind of thing. Can a premium member do this kind of thing?

and what did you mean by “they will verify your account” ?


see, they open stat affiliate page not for all members. they verify your account, if there are all ok, they open stat page for you. for new members, i suppose, that you should write to support. but, if you don’t know, they have continuing troubles with ordered affiliate payouts. so, you should try now something other for working.

Ok, but it seems they wont contact me.
Should I send them an email or something?

you may try, but as i know, they will only answer you “wait until your account will be verified”.

Ok, but my account is old date. I need to create a new account ?


no, you should wait

So, how can I see that page?

you should wait from Oron support, when they verify your account…

Well, I can’t see any information about “make money” on oron site? What I missed?

they closed this page for public

I couldn’t open its homepage as well for part of the afternoon, but it’s up again. Maybe just a temporary technical problem.

Do you have any information on them you’d like to share with us? I find them very attractive, but like everything that looks too good, it might have a hidden catch.

Thank you.

well, as I’ve heard before, they work from 2009. Has only PPD scheme. Their PPD is similar to old Hotfile PPD. You can’t earn from sales, but your sales level can influence on your download rates. it doesn’t have ftp and remote upload. but browser upload is quite quick.

Hi, Mike,

What about BitShare? They claim to have the highest payments (well, they’re behind sharecash for that matter, but still they pay rather well, if true), they count every download from the same IP in 24 hours (others only count one in 24 hours), free download speed is more than acceptable, and large premium storage.

Apparently, they’re just about perfect. Do you know if they are?
Thank you.


are you saying about bitshare.com? I can’t open its home page.

i noticed i can still download some files from Fileserve, if i were to upload and share links, can i still make money with them? and also which filehost would you recommend to make some money.

well, as I know, fileserve closed their affiliate program. so, I doubt, that you could earn with them now.
at this time, as I know, You may try to earn with Letitbit, Shareflare, Turbobit, Depositfiles, gigapeta, borncash, vip-file, xlget, oron, ul.to, rapidgator… may be, something else…

Mike, before you approve your account to upload files you left, you had files in your account. Because look at my case: I used up but did not generate very little profit left for long climb Oron, now upload anything you think I approve my account. What do you think I make that happen.

Sorry, but I didn’t understand clearly your question. Could you explain it? Are You interesting how Oron support checked & approved your account, which didn’t generate any profit?

Yes, Oron reopend my account too.
And my pending payment is approved.

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