Goodbye, Willy Wupload!


Shit, shit, shit! I was wrong when I decided that the Wupload probation term was over! But, my main rule for new file hosts was affirmed one more time. If you remember, I’ve mentioned here (article about Wupload), that I prefer to work with files hosts which work stably not less than 6 months. Wupload started its testing in May. It is November now. Almost half a year. On the 18th of November, all Wupload affiliates received next letter from service:

Wupload closes affiliate program

As you see from the text, they are going to close their affiliate program from the 28th of November, 2011. I hope, they will make the last payouts, as they promised in this letter.
BTW, as I understand, they are going to work in the future as a free files host. So, if I’ll remove my files from the account, will they really delete them? Or, maybe, removed files and links will be alive in further, but will be not shown in my account. So, Wupload will continue making money from downloads during some times while Wupload download links will have stayed in our posts on different sites and forums. How do you think?
Well, this weekend I spent my time on file copying from Wupload and changing or deleting links in my posts. I think, if you don’t want to lose your potential earning from files hosts, than it’s time to do the same. If you will ask me what hosts to use or where to move your files, my answer will be:
1) For earning on pay-per-download – Filesonic or Filepost. I prefer Sonic, though Filepost offers quite high rates for paying downloads, so you may try it also.
2) For earning on pay-per-sale – Filesonic or Uploading. Despite on fact that Filesonic and Wupload have closed relations between them, I continue to believe in Filesonic and I am going to use Filesonic as one of my main earning sources in the future. But, for pay-per-sale scheme Uploading also became to show good results due to the last changes in their affiliate program. You can try Filepost, as I see some of my referrals show excellent results on it and I have the base of forums that allow posting links on Filepost. As I’ve read before Filepost pays for rebills also.
There are many other not bad files hosts, but these three are the best choice for me at this stage.

Willy Wupload closes

Willy Wupload, goodbye!

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Damn fucking monkey.
Lost my US$ 90 buying a 2 year premium account for nothing. Few months after buy, they closed affiliate program.

That’s was a really scam, for sure!

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