New October Promo from FileSonic – get $5 for each premium!


Hi, people!
I’m very glad to inform you, if still do not know, that one of the best paying files hosts Filesonic(ex-Sharingmatrix) announced a new October Promo, which will be held October 30-31, 2010.

October Promo from FileSonic - get $5 for each premium!

What details of Filesonic October Promo? For every sale of Filesonic premium during downloading of your files, which will be made in Promo days, you will get an additional Filesonic bonus $5 to your earnings. So, for example, if you will sell 20 premium Filesonic during Promo days, then you will receive as an extra Filesonic bonus $100. As for me, it could be super promo from Filesonic. Last weekends I have had about 12-15 purchases of Filesonic premiums. Well, if we’ll upload many files on Filesonic till the Filesonic Promo start, then actively post this files, starting from Friday, October 29, then I think it will be possible to earn an extra couple hundreds dollars as an Filesonic bonus. This Filesonic bonus could be easily spent then on your christmas gifts.
Well, if you’re still not earning on Filesonic, then hurry to the Filesonic registration and uploading of your files. To register on Filesonic you should click on the Filesonic banner below or on the Filesonic link in the right column. But, if you are already earning with Filesonic, then you should start to prepare files for future promo posting. Put off all your businesses on the next Friday-Saturday and begin getting Filesonic bonuses. By the way, $5 Filesonic bonuses for Filesonic premiums will be paid even to those posters who are earning on “pay per download” at Filesonic. So, it’s your time to participate in the October Promo from FileSonic and get your share from Filesonic money. As you see, each Filesonic affiliate, who will generate at least 1 sale of Filesonic premium, will receive a Filesonic bonus.
What else do I want to add to this news? Now, at Filesonic, it seems, all is working almost fine and Filesonic earnings are growing stabily last month. It seems that most of the bugs were already fixed. Yes, many posters returned to Filesonic after august stupid rebranding, which caused so many troubles last 2 months. By the way, Filesonic added a new link checker for those of you who would like to verify if Filesonic download links are still available or not. So, simply copy your FileSonic link and paste it in the link checker and you will instantly see if this link is still online. You can easily find this checker at Filesonic Tools.
By the way, if you suddenly saw in your statistics for October, 20 some incomprehensible sale, so don’t afraid. It’s just a 15% bonus from Filesonic for statistic bugs that they had on October, 19. Not bad compensation, how do you think?

Filesonic registration. register on filesonic

This news could be interesting for some of you. If you want to buy Filesonic premium with a discount for resale or for personal use, so you should register on Filesonic also as a reseller. Filesonic reseller receives the right to buy Filesonic premium with a discount for resale to users, based in the country of reseller residence. Hurry, the number of resellers is limited on Filesonic.
If you have some misunderstandings about Filesonic earnings, payments and other questions, so you can always solve it through ICQ. Use ICQ 567553071 for English or French language chatting, use ICQ 643954619 for Portuguese or Spanish language. There you can always find the Filesonic manager who will help you with your problems. Give a little advice: if you want to get the answer quickly, then write the problem description in your first message. Do not write “Hello” without problem description. With such hello you will wait for an answer very long.

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