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New tariff Depositfiles World

Depositfiles, perhaps, the first file sharing service, with whom I started earning and on which I earned my first money on files sharing. Earlier, 3 years ago, the conditions for the work, which were suggested by this files host, were fairly attractive and interesting for posters, don’t forget about $5 bonus for newbie posters. But the last couple of years, in my opinion, Depositfiles stopped in its development. Only Depostfiles previously earned reputation, strict demands from administration of the biggest warez sites and forums about the mirror on Depositfiles allowed to save this files host from “resting in peace”.
Earlier, Depositfiles had posters that had no other sustainable alternatives for the posting job, it was possible to keep the leadership in the market without any additional cost. Now there are many new files hosts with attractive working conditions, warez sites became much more tolerant in their demands about the mirrors to posts. Some of old rivals, such as Letitbit and Uploading constantly improved the work conditions and payment rates for their affiliates. But Depositfils continued to sleep.
Finally, something began to change in this sleepy kingdom of Depositfiles. In March 2011 files host Depositfiles announced the launch of a new tariff under the name World. The name of this new tariff of Depositfiles speaks for itself. In the new tariff World files host pays for files downloads from all countries. For those posters, who have not worked or are working not too closely with Depositfiles, I remember that in all other file hosting tariffs they pay only for downloads from few countries.
Let’s see what Depositfiles offers in their new tariff under the name World.

Countries that are allowed to download by World tariff Rate for 1000 unique downloads, depends on the file size
10Mb ..
50Mb ..
100Mb ..
250Mb ..
500Mb ..
USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Finland, Norway $5 $10 $15 $20 $25
Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Israel, Czech Republic, Greece, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Republic of South Africa, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Lebanon, Mauritius, Brunei $3 $6 $9 $12 $15
Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Malaysia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Panama $1 $2 $3 $4 $5
Other countries $0,5 $1 $1,5 $2 $2,5

So, as it has become popular in last 2 years, the country were ranked by the groups and files were ranked by the size. If I do not mistake, similar payment ranking among files hosts was firstly introduced by Hotfile. What do we see? Prior countries for Depositfiles now are the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Finland, Norway. I suspect that, according to statistic datas of Depositfiles these countries initiated the biggest number of Depositfiles premium purchases. For downloading from these countries you can earn $5-$25 per 1000 downloads. Minimum, if your downloads will be from the non-priority countries from the fourth group in this ranking, your earnings will be not less than $0,5-$2,5 per 1000 downloads.
In principle, the rates proposed by Depositfiles in the World are not too high for the files hosts market. But, if you know about the last actions of Hotfile, which closed the big number poster account without any explanations and payouts, Depositfiles has all chances to return Hotfile affiliates, which were previously the Depositfiles affiliates. By the way, I hope that you did not forget about the main advantage of the Depositfiles. Hah? What’s this? This is stability in work and payouts. So, as I wrote in the topic of this post, now Depositfiles opens the World and it is the pleasant news for all Depositfiles affiliates.
But, I’d like to say some dirty words about the tariff World – they only pay for downloads files which were larger than 10 Mb. And besides this you can not participate in the new tariff Depositfiles at your current files host account. To start work with tariff World, you would need to register a new Deposifiles account by clicking on the files host banner below:

register a new Deposifiles account

After registration of a new account, you need to log in and write to the files host support request about your wish to sigh up for World. Don’t remember to include your login in your request for the Depositfiles World. Within 1-2 days your account will be switched for the tariff World. Pay attention, that Depositfiles does not prohibit multiaccounts, but escape to be self-referral. If you should become a referral to yourself, then Deposifiles will ban all your accounts: new and old.
To register on Depositfiles you should go to the files hosting site simply clicking on the link located in the right column on this page or simply click the banner of the Depositfiles in today’s post.

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Thnk for replying back
I have sent the ticket lets see what happens

Depositfiles pays only for unique download

ie if same person download two files from the same ip then we will only be paid for the 1st file not for other is that correct.

yes, you’re right

Is there a way to change the program to “World” from the previous tariff???

I didn’t know anything and signed up under other tariff that is why I’m not getting paid for my actual downloads. Can you help me plz plz plz

Do Reply

try to write your request here

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